BYOD security concerns

You’ve realized the critical business value of distributing apps to contractors, dealers, distributors, and others outside your company, yet you may have hit roadblocks trying to reach their unmanaged devices. You don’t or can’t manage their devices. How do you deliver the latest product information, prescription app, service specifications, inventory updates, or ability to capture orders in real-time? These valuable and transformative mobile apps and content are for your extended business partners, not the public, so it’s important that you find a way to securely distribute them to just the people who need them.

Traditional mobility management approaches cannot handle unmanaged devices because, well, they require that all devices are “under management” by your IT organization in order to distribute apps. In contrast, stand-alone mobile application management (MAM®) applies security around just your mobile apps and content and can deliver them safely to any device, anywhere, managed or not.

BYOD security concerns



A leading private university, with the largest and most comprehensive healthcare system in its state, needed a solution to distribute a large catalog of apps to its diverse, dispersed population (students, researchers, healthcare staff), who often have multiple devices, many of which are their own personal devices. Along with not requiring a device management profile, the university also needed peace of mind that app security met HIPAA policies. App Management’s robust security capabilities addressed their governance and HIPAA compliance requirements. Its integration with the university’s single sign-on credentials, familiar “app store” appearance, and ease of use have exceeded expectations reaching unmanaged devices. The university’s mobile apps, particularly those that are healthcare-related, are now easily vetted and approved by the six different required groups. As a result, the university has accelerated the development and deployment of their much-requested apps.



A Fortune 500® health services company sought a non-intrusive way to distribute a prescription mobile app to all of their contractor physicians. Since the physicians were not employees, their devices were not enrolled in the company’s EMM solution, and the MAM provided by EMM requires device management to distribute apps. The health services company needed a solution to reach a heterogenous group of unmanaged devices (iOS, Android, phone, tablet). App Management does not require an intrusive and cumbersome device profile. The organization was able to securely distribute the app into the hands of 7000 physicians quickly, regardless of their device. The app replaced an outdated paper system and improved patient outcomes. Physicians appreciated the seamless experience and how easy it was to find and download the app. Since App Management removes the many headaches of app management, including app signing, app wrapping, and identity integration, the Mobile Center of Excellence (MCoE) now uses App Management as the system of record for all app distribution and governance.