Digital Test Analytics

Consolidate all of your digital test results for mobile and web to gain end-to-end quality insights and drive improvements

Key Features

Quality dashboard

A single snapshot containing key information on all your web and mobile applications, including test execution status and test coverage rates.

All test types

Monitor and analyze your entire QA program from a single place. Consolidate web and mobile application test results from any framework or any type: unit, smoke, sanity, functional, non-functional.

Root-cause analysis

Shorten investigation times with automated root-cause analysis that includes:

  • Grouping according to failure cause
  • Advanced filtering capabilities (device type, OS version, build number, etc.)
  • Automatic identification and classification of application failures (stability, performance, functionality)
  • Automatic identification of test flakiness

Project and report management

  • Project segmentation capabilities between teams, users, etc.
  • Downloadable reports and assets to be shared with stakeholders
  • Setup of test views that can be saved and shared with others Continuous Testing helps teams increase test coverage and make data-driven decisions

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Digital Test Analytics

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