For years, the DevOps community has been asking how to bring business leadership on board with digital transformation. At the same time, business leaders want to better understand how software development, delivery, and operations (DevOps) processes help achieve their objectives. Digital transformation requires close collaboration between business leadership and DevOps teams, as well as being able to link the data produced by DevOps processes with strategic business goals.

Value stream management connects DevOps with business needs. Value stream management helps organizations realize the overall business impact of software development and delivery efforts. By gaining visibility across teams, tools, and processes, organizations can measure value in meaningful terms — product quality, customer satisfaction and retention, application security and usage, execution efficiency, revenue and growth — the business outcomes achieved from software development.

Read this eBook with insights from Gene Kim, DevOps enthusiast and author, on how using DevOps data and value stream management together can help your organization deliver greater value to your customers and achieve amazing business outcomes.

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