When automated tests become unusable and fail it results in resource conflicts and disruptions to the testing process. Self healing capabilities quickly identify and fix these test defects to help maintain a reliable testing environment.
Using AI classification techniques, our new AI-powered Self Healing capability can understand and repair the root cause of test failures autonomously without human intervention. Failed tests are examined against the previous versions to unearth and repair defective tests. This greatly reduces the time need for automation maintenance, helping teams focus on increasing coverage.

The capability puts focus on test defects and not automation bugs as tests provide quality feedback. Since CI pipelines will only fail in case of a product related issue Self-Healing gives teams the ability to differentiate between automation issues and actual defects in their applications.

Watch this video by Digital.ai Product Manager Adir Krafman as he takes you through the capability and shows you how it works.

Transparent AI-Powered Self Healing Product Demo

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