Gain complete visibility of your pipeline and orchestrate and automate complex releases by integrating enterprise agile planning with release and deployment management.

Agile and DevOps are still siloed

As your organization continues to scale Agile teams and practices, are you struggling to integrate release planning and deployment management into your Agile process and automate the overall software development and delivery lifecycle? If so, you are not alone.

Some of the common challenges found are:

  • Agile and DevOps teams are misaligned: Release teams often don't have visibility into the entire application pipeline. They cannot prioritize what is critical to focus on, thus becoming the bottleneck, while Agile development teams don't have visibility into the release plan.
  • Missteps and broken hand-offs: Release and deployment teams don't have the appropriate tools to orchestrate their releases. Many companies still use spreadsheets or task management tools to orchestrate hundreds of tasks to deploy an application, which is prone to errors and missteps.
  • Deploying in complex environments: Diverse, including manual, approaches to deploy applications across complex, heterogeneous environments are unreliable and time-consuming. Having dozens of tools to deploy in various infrastructures often causes application failures and business outages.


Teams need visibility, integrated practices, and predictability.

Diverse, including manual, approaches to deploy applications across complex, heterogeneous environments are unreliable and time-consuming. Having dozens of tools to deploy in various infrastructures often causes application failures and business outages.


  • Misalignment among teams affects the ability to deliver applications on time
  • Lack of full visibility to prioritize releases and pinpoint bottlenecks
  • Unreliable, manual approaches for deploying apps to hybrid environments
  • Task management tools don't scale and cause errors and incidents

Predictable analytics, orchestration of the entire pipeline, and automation are critical for removing application bottlenecks and increasing software delivery value stream efficiency.

Release orchestration and deployment management, integrated with enterprise Agile planning, helps break down the silos between Agile and DevOps resulting in continuous application delivery with fewer risks and more predictability.

Increase the efficiency of your software delivery value stream by bringing Agile and DevOps teams under the same platform.

Integrate Enterprise Agile Planning with Release and Deploy Management

Amp up to a continuous delivery pipeline to speed up application delivery Release and Deploy is an enterprise-grade continuous delivery solution that helps orchestrate and automate complex application releases. It increases the speed, reliability, and scalability of application delivery to any environment, from mainframes and VMs to containers and the cloud.

Integrating Release and Deploy with the enterprise agile planning functionality of Agility provides the capabilities, data, and automated workflows that offer teams the 'digital glue' to connect the dots between scaled Agile planning and DevOps tools. Together, your development teams, practices, and tools create an integrated value flow across all your business units.

Using an automated and data-driven approach, Release and Deploy gives you visibility into the entire application pipeline helping pinpoint inefficiencies and allocate resources to drive precise results while prioritizing what teams need to focus on. It reduces the risk of human error with automation that maps and standardizes your processes. It assesses the risk of failure for each of your releases and alerts those involved so that they can quickly identify and fix the issues before getting into production.

It gives your stakeholders–from engineering to product management to line-of-business stakeholders– the same set of data to work from, improving collaboration across the whole organization. You can execute thousands of simultaneous application deployments on-prem, in remote data centers, or the cloud. It is easy to scale changes globally across your entire deployment landscape. Deploy also helps you secure your deployments through parameterized environment configurations, enterprise-grade secrets management, and best-of-breed connections, including builtin automated rollback capabilities when needed.

Unlike other application release automation solutions, Release and Deploy comes with unique analytics–including DORA metrics–that give you 100% visibility across the entire value stream, helping you drive value to customers and businesses. Release and Deploy helps Schneider, one of the largest providers of truckload and logistics services, achieve:

5x faster deployment setup

10x faster deployment execution

+4x reduction on environment updates

" Release is so intuitive and easy to use that they know it’s their one-stop shop for almost everything that they need."

Release Manager, Schneider
Integrate agile and devops: software dashboard

Integrated dashboards provide a unified view for all applications in development and release pipelines.

The Difference

UNIFIED DEVOPS PLATFORM - Integrate DevOps & Security capabilities to enable continuous delivery of software

POWERED BY ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - Generate predictive insights that provide the intelligence to make smarter investments

CONNECTED TO THE ENTERPRISE - Connect to existing processes, applications and infrastructure to propel innovation that find new market opportunities


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