Test at scale, deliver error-free apps, and make data-driven decisions by integrating enterprise Agile planning with continuous testing.

Sharpen your Agile practices with Continuous Testing

Customers demand that their web and mobile apps are delivered faster and flawlessly. Agile teams have accelerated the application delivery and are scaling Agile throughout the entire application lifecycle, but Agile teams still fail to provide "flawless" applications.

Some of the common challenges found are:

  • Cumbersome legacy testing processes: Manual Unit testing is not enough, and legacy quality tools are not designed to support continuous testing in an Agile environment for digital products.
  • Shorter development cycles: As development cycles shorten, teams can not afford long testing cycles, which causes unknown issues in pre-production and delays application delivery.
  • Limited visibility of test coverage: Agile teams perform limited unit testing, which is restricted and not integrated with the Agile planning tools, causing a lack of visibility into test requirements, test coverage, and risks of code failure.

Modern applications require simple and robust continuous testing incorporated into the enterprise's Agile development that covers Unit and Integrated testing and supports functional, performance, and network virtualization tests while being easier to maintain. With that, organizations reduce the risk of application failure while ensuring a better user experience and business outcomes.


  • Inconsistent planning and unclear requirements for dev-testing.
  • Limited testing - manual and unit testing are not enough.
  • Significant delays in time-to-market due to longer testing windows.
  • Difficult to scale due to costs, and ineffective legacy tooling.
  • Lack of integration between Agile planning and testing, causing limited visibility in test coverage.

Digital.ai Continuous testing integrated with Digital.ai Agility, the enterprise Agile planning tool, breaks down silos between Agile teams and testers, increasing release velocity and reducing the risk of application defects while delivering a better user experience.

“Digital.ai Continuous Testing has increased our web and mobile application testing coverage, allowing our teams to release digital apps to market much faster.”

QA Manager - Global 500 Telecommunications Company

Increase quality with continuous testing that scales across your entire SDLC

Digital.ai Continuous Testing is a modern cloud testing solution that helps customers deliver quality applications by leveraging its simple and still robust testing capabilities. It supports functional, performance, network, and accessibility testing.

The continuous testing solution allows developers and testers to easily develop automated tests using the test editor and autonomous testing capabilities while offering a broad range of labs for testing web and mobile apps in various regions. The Digital.ai Continuous Testing Lens collects and analyzes standardized metrics to present actionable insights and root cause analysis. It gives visibility with hundreds of metrics to continuously improve application quality.

Integrating Digital.ai Continuous Testing with Digital.ai Agility makes planning increments (PIs) and sprints more reliable by breaking the silos between the development and quality community of practices (CoPs).

Requirements and priorities are more precise in the planning phase, while defects are detected earlier in the application delivery lifecycle. Improving the alignment between developers, testers, and stakeholders helping your organization mature your Agile at scale practices.

The results for business teams boost the release velocity and application quality, leading to higher customer experience and lower churn.

Deliver upon your promised strategic goals by:

  • Scaling large-scale test execution on multiple browsers and devices in parallel across your SDLC.
  • Synchronizing and collaborating on software development between stakeholders and testing teams.
  • Quickly adjusting the scope of a release and communicating with testing teams for higher release velocity and shorter feedback loops.

"Our objective was to enable our manual testers to focus more on ensuring that the end customer journey is of the highest quality."

CXP Manager - Enterprise Optical Healthcare Company
Sharpen your Agile Practices: Screenshot of Digital.ai Continuous Testing, Mobile Studio

The Mobile Studio allows testers to interact with real devices remotely, and provides capabilities like the Test Editor which puts test creation in the hands of non-coding team members.

The Digital.ai Difference

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