Creating excellent mobile accessible applications can be quite complex, but that’s no reason not to try! Every type of impairment has a different preference for how an app needs to be designed. Beginning with awareness above all else,’s accessibility checklist details the necessary features and components your app needs in order to cater to all those with accessibility needs.

The accessibility checklist includes: 

  • Design for different screen sizes
  • Touch targets and placement
  • Simple gestures and feedback
  • Consistent layouts and templates
  • Easy data entry methods
  • Color contrast

Don’t miss this conversation with Guy Arieli,’s CTO of QA, as he explains why accessibility testing is crucial for holding businesses accountable for building accessible apps and meeting compliance and regulatory mandates. Remember, ff your products aren’t usable for a percentage of your customers, then you’re failing to deliver value to all!

Accessibility Testing: Ensure Superior Digital Experiences For All Customers

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