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Build better apps with a low-code development approach

Businesses are adopting DevOps at increasing speed to enhance their digital transformation. For a large scale digital transformation to be successful business, development, and IT teams must work together to meet these demands. It should be simple when you consider that they both want the same thing. Low-Code development is becoming a popular way to accomplish this in tandem with DevOps. Accelerating change is easier than ever with low-code development which is visual, simple to use, and collaborative. With a low-code development platform, IT teams are seeing their capabilities increase. It also adds up to greater product innovation and an increase in agility. The result is better quality and faster app release velocity. That does not mean that traditional pro-coding is dead.

In this webinar, Guy Arieli will discuss the challenges and opportunities of low-code platforms compared to pro-coding. He will also show how enterprises use low-code development to build new apps, extend legacy ones, and test them in order to achieve their digital transformation goals.

Register for our webinar now and discover:

  • The emergence of low-code development platforms

  • How enterprises are using Low-Code and DevOps in tandem

  • The Pros and Cons of Low-Code versus Pro-Code development

  • A demo of SeeTest's integration with Low-Code development platforms

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