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Deliver better customer experiences with continuous UX testing

It’s no secret that suboptimal web and mobile user experiences can negatively impact the bottom line. Studies have shown that even a one second delay in mobile load times can reduce conversion rates by 20%. Similarly, according to the WHO (World Health Organization), organizations that don’t thoroughly test accessibility will be unable to effectively engage with the 46% of users with impairments.

However, in many organizations UX accessibility and performance testing occur separately from functional testing, and often not until after code is complete. As a result, longer UX testing windows and time required to fix defects force team to make hard choices between delivering optimal customer experiences and delivering business value on time.

How do organizations successfully implement non-functional testing continuously in tandem with functional testing to improve customer experience while also testing effectiveness?

Watch this webinar with Joe Colantonio, Founder at TestGuild, and Rick Broker, Solutions Architect, at, for a discussion on how to efficiently implement performance testing as part of your app testing plan to deliver improved customer experiences for all users.

During this webinar we will cover:

  • The value of engaging with ALL customers, even those with accessibility needs

  • The challenges of performing non-functional and functional testing separately

  • Why UX/client-side accessibility and performance testing is a must

  • Creating tests and using metrics for diagnosing both back end and customer-facing issues

Deliver better customer experiences with continuous UX testing

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