Does it seem like there’s a new DevOps tool available every day? Knowing which tools are most effective for your pipeline is challenging and time consuming.

This challenge is why we created the FREE Periodic Table of DevOps Tools and the DevOps Diagram Generator. The Periodic Table of DevOps Tools is the industry’s go-to resource for identifying best-of-breed tools across the software development and delivery lifecycle. Updated for 2020, the Periodic Table is the easy, fun way to keep up with the latest tools and understand where they fit in the software delivery landscape.

Not sure what you have or what you need? The DevOps Diagram Generator lets you select the DevOps tools used in your software delivery pipeline and dynamically generate a custom view that shows where each tools fits, how they relate to each other, and where you’ve got gaps.

Join us for this live webinar and demo to learn how to leverage these FREE tools to:

Whether you’re starting fresh, filling gaps, or replacing existing DevOps tools, join this webinar to learn what’s new with DevOps tools and how we can help you identify the right ones for your DevOps pipeline.

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