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A low code approach to application protection feat. Forrester

The proliferation of low-code tools that help non-programmers create applications is a big win for productivity, but it introduces unique security challenges; especially if these apps touch sensitive customer or employee data. While low-code platforms attempt to build in basic security, they are not designed to create apps that can protect themselves from attacks like reverse engineering, code tampering, IP theft, data exfiltration, and malware. Apps can be your biggest asset - how can you prevent them from becoming your biggest liability?

With app security expertise in short supply, organizations are often limited to protecting only their most critical apps. Not anymore. New innovations in app security make it easy - and cost-effective - to incorporate app protection and provide the right level of protection to all your apps.

Join guest speaker Sandy Carielli, Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Mike Woodard, Director of Product Management at, to learn more about the following:  

  • Recent trends in application security breaches and lessons learned

  • The value of a shift-left approach to app protection

  • A risk-based approach to moving from reactive to proactive app protection

  • Best practices for incorporating App Security in all DevOps pipelines

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