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How Scrum Guide updates can help organizations increase value delivery

The new year is finally here! And it is time to start understanding the new version of the Scrum Guide released in late November. Now, with organizations looking for ways to have a bounce back in 2021 and greater agility helping them lead the way, a question must be asked. How do agile organizations recognize value and what can the Scrum Guide updates teach us about connecting outputs to realized value?  Join us for this discussion-based webinar with featured guest, Eric Naiburg from to learn the updates to the Scrum Guide you need to know, why they were updated, and what they mean for your scrum teams moving forward.

We’ll also discuss:

  •  Why value is the ultimate measure of success

  •  How certain tools better enable your organization to measure value across scrum teams  

  • Why agile organizations need to be all-in on delivering outcomes in 2021

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