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IT portfolio modernization and rationalization

In these times of rapid digital transformation, enterprises are challenged like never before to improve critical business capabilities with new applications and services. However, these expansions are often not accompanied by plans to retire existing applications or services that deliver similar or overlapping capabilities.

Whether the result of M&A activity, shadow IT-driven apps, or cloud migrations, all too often legacy and redundant apps are left in place. This results in wasted spend, increasing application support burden, and escalating data center complexity. It is no wonder that 48% of CIOs believe that there are more applications in their portfolio than actually required.

How can you continuously optimize your application portfolio to ensure that you have enough resources to drive innovation?

Join Sr. Product Manager, Srikanth Gopalaswami, as he discusses best practices used by leading organizations to continuously shape the right portfolio of applications aligned with business needs.

During this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Why application rationalization can no longer be a one-off initiative

  • How to apply a proven framework for continuous application portfolio visibility, including examples from the Global 2000

  • How to develop a complete picture of portfolio health and value delivered by apps


IT Portfolio Modernization and Rationalization

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