The hype around AI is deafening and reaching the point of driving organizations to distraction. Cutting through the noise to understand the true value AI brings is a challenge as the term is being overly used as an attention grabber. That said, there are many real-life, practical AI and ML use cases that software organizations can leverage – today.

Implementing, adopting and scaling up the use of AI across the software development lifecycle can seem risky, expensive, and potentially disruptive. But it doesn’t have to be!

Join us for this webinar where we will:
• Explain the 3 pillars of an AI-centric approach to software development
• Show how AI-ML powered insights use the data generated by software development to derive predictive outcomes around Change Risk Prediction and Flow Acceleration
• Demonstrate how automation can significantly accelerate your software delivery workflows

Transparent 3 Pillars of AI

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