Testing software and systems in the early stages of the SDLC is imperative for organizations trying to maintain continuous software quality. As a result, IT leaders are quickly trying to figure out how to adopt modern testing approaches to ensure quality is being upheld. However, throughout the SDLC, business and technical teams with a varying degree of skills are involved in the testing process. How do teams get the visibility they need to identify any issues and also collaborate effectively with each other no matter how technical they are?

Join this webinar for a closer look on how to gain visibility in to your enterprise testing, while creating ease of use for business testers.

Learn how to enable less technical testers with codeless methodologies and an easy-to-use testing platform to create an automated and scalable testing strategy that can help you mitigate:

  • Costly bugs and issues post-release
  • Decreased visibility and strained collaboration between teams
  • Declining customer retention and slow time-to-market
  • Breaches of regulatory compliances

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