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What's the state of agile in 2020?

If your organization practices agile or is planning to adopt it, the State of Agile report provides the world’s most comprehensive data for benchmarking your agile practice and planning your next wave of expansion.

Join us in this webinar to explore the latest research and learn about:

  • The most popular agile tools, methodologies, and frameworks

  • Common challenges of adopting and scaling agile

  • How to measure the success of your agile initiatives

  • The COVID-19 impact and what’s next in agile

The 14th annual State of Agile report is based on experiences of 1,100 IT and business professionals from around the globe. Since its inception, 40,000 agile executives, practitioners, and consultants worldwide have shared their insights, making the State of Agile report the largest and longest running report of its kind.


What's the State of Agile in 2020?

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