DevOps as a Service: Your Engine for Powering Enterprise DevOps

August 20, 2020

Digital transformation is everywhere as IT leaders search for new technologies, new tools, and new techniques to meet ever-changing business requirements and customer needs. But at many enterprises, leaders struggle to standardize and scale software development and delivery without getting in the way of technical teams’ ability to innovate.

To scale best practices across the enterprise, you need a centralized, consumption-based DevOps platform that provides key capabilities as services that everyone can use—regardless of their role within the company, the type of applications and environments they work with, or the deployment patterns they’ve adopted.

Watch this recorded demo to learn how the “DevOps as a Service” model allows you to:

  • Provide consumable services that are ready for all teams to use

  • Define delivery patterns that spread expert knowledge between teams

  • Enforce audit and compliance requirements

  • Accelerate DevOps adoption across the enterprise

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