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The Future of Testing: Smarter and Adaptable

August 11, 2020

While most enterprises have adopted some level of automated testing, it is not enough to keep up with the demands of today’s rapidly changing environment. To stay competitive, organizations need to be more than good and fast. They need to be smarter and more adaptable. And they need to be continuously providing value to their customers.

QA and DevOps teams can achieve this by incorporating testing feedback into the end-to-end value stream and infusing AI/ML into their continuous testing process so they can gain actionable feedback and provide visibility across the lifecycle.

This strategic approach enables organizations to identify and eliminate the highest severity defects when they are easiest, fastest, and least costly to fix. Ultimately, this will allow QA teams to deliver the overarching goals of reducing risk, increasing agility, and enabling the business to create more value faster.

Watch this recorded webinar featuring Diego Lo Giudice, VP Principal Analyst at Forrester, to discover:

  • The latest innovations in the world of continuous testing
  • How AI/ML can make testing smarter and more autonomous
  • The role of continuous testing in value stream management and why it matters now more than ever
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