Application development & debugging

Gain anywhere access to real mobile devices to develop or debug native and web mobile apps. Do it directly from your development environment like Android Studio, Xcode, and Chrome DevTools.


Digital apps development & debugging

Supported devices and OSs

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Key features

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Remote access to real mobile devices

Gain instant access to real mobile devices of any kind from anywhere. Select the device by attributes such as make, model, and OS version for specific application debugging.

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Seamless integration

Your development tools will automatically recognize remote mobile devices as if they are locally connected. Integrate seamlessly with XCode, Android Studio, Chrome DevTools, Safari for Developers, etc.

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Develop and debug native & web apps

Build and run native/web mobile apps on remote devices. Develop and execute remote debugging on your app, including inserting breakpoints. View the effect of your latest code changes on the app in real time.

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Optimize responsiveness

Test the responsiveness of your mobile website across different browsers, mobile devices, and resolutions. Debug and instantly view the effect of your code changes.

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