Automate Software Releases

Reduce time to market, optimize software delivery, and scale deployments to any environment. 

Solution Description

Enable teams to collaborate, govern, and eliminate software delivery bottlenecks to increase visibility and customer value.


Improve Confidence and Speed of Releases Through Automated Hand-Offs, Release Orchestration, and Better Data-Driven Visibility


Govern and orchestrate release processes to ensure compliance and consistency

  • Model end-to-end software delivery processes to manage complexity
  • Manage dependencies within and across multiple pipelines to reduce risk
  • Increase visibility to identify bottlenecks and prove compliance


Simplify software delivery across complex technology environments, and reduce risk

  • Simplify and scale deployment by planning and optimizing configurations
  • Standardize and automate release processes to reduce human errors and risk
  • Automate Change Advisory Board governance and processes
Simplify Delivery


Find and fix issues across development and IT Operations with Analytics & AI

  • Identify risk factors that teams can use to proactively mitigate change risk
  • Formulate and investigate hypotheses about the causes of change failure
  • Score change creditworthiness of Development and IT Operations teams

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