Cross Browser Testing and Debugging

Test your sites and web applications across +1,000 real desktop browsers on the Continuous Testing, formerly Experitest, cloud real browser lab. Say goodbye to VMs.

Try's Manual Cross Browser Testing

Manual Testing and Debugging


Key Features

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Choose from a Variety of Real Browsers and OSs

Access the cloud and perform manual cross browser testing on desktop browsers of any type and version such as Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. Choose the OS type and version for the browser your web app will run on.

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Local Testing

Perform manual cross browser testing securely, even on a staging environment, using remote desktop and mobile browsers by connecting through a secure tunnel. Simplify web application testing by eliminating all errors before putting your work into production.

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Remote Exploratory Testing

Open a remote browser and interact with it using your web application in real time. Perform live interaction and real-life gestures while testing your application. Full control of the browser for exploratory live application testing.

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Live Debugging

Integrate with your browser dev tools (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc) for even more thorough web application testing and debugging.

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Visual Reports

Generate and share reports to expedite root cause analysis and fault resolution. Customize reports to include details, screenshots, and video of each step of your tested scenario. Store your reports online and share with other testers, developers, and managers as an HTML format

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Test Responsiveness

Test your web app UI responsiveness across different browser types, versions, OS versions, and window sizes. Debug on the spot.

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