Support and Maintenance

The terms below supplement those contained in the Master Subscription Agreement ("MSA") and set forth's obligations concerning support and maintenance of the Software ("Customer Support"). Capitalized terms used herein shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the MSA unless otherwise expressly defined or redefined herein.

The purpose of Customer Support is to resolve issues that cause a nonconformity in the Software as compared to applicable Documentation. A resolution to an issue may consist of a fix, workaround, or other relief, as deems reasonable. Customer Support does not include the following:

i. implementation;
ii. configuration;
iii. integration;
iv. customization or custom software development;
v. training; or
vi. assistance with administrative functions.

For assistance with the above, please ask to speak with our Professional Services team about current offerings and pricing.

2. SUPPORT TIERS will provide Customer with one of three (3) tiers of support. Customer Support shall be provided at the "Essentials" tier unless otherwise identified on an applicable Order:

Support Features




Support Portal Access, Documentation and Knowledge articles

Online Ticket Submission*

Email Ticket Submission*

Support Coverage


9-5 Regional Mon-Fri




9-5 Regional Mon-Fri



Initial Response Times**





2 Business Hours

6 Business Hours

2 Business days

4 Business days

2 Hours

4 Business Hours

1 Business day

2 Business days

1 Hour

2 Business Hours

1 Business day

2 Business days

Technical Account Manager

Incremental Fee

Incremental Fee

Incremental Fee

*Submission of support requests is limited to Customer's Authorized Support Contacts as defined herein.

**Initial Response Times apply to support issues submitted via the Support Portal.

Customer may request support from Customer Support via the Support Portal ( or via email ( . All support requests are tracked in the Support Portal and can be viewed by Customer's Authorized Support Contacts. will use reasonable efforts to meet the target response times and attempt to resolve any issues in a commercially reasonable timeframe.

To ensure proper routing of Urgent submissions, please submit them via the support portal.

Priority for Customer submitted issues is determined using the guidelines below.



P1 (Urgent)

Production down. Any issue that causes the Software to be nonfunctional.

P2 (High)

Any issue that causes a significant or ongoing interruption of Production use of critical functions with no acceptable work-around available, as determined jointly by and the Customer

P3 (Normal)

Any issue that causes limited interruptions of use of a non-critical function as determined jointly by and the Customer

P4 (Low)

Any issue that does not significantly impede work or progress, a general question or issue

For Urgent issues, will work that issue continually, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, or as agreed between subject to Customer availability and fulfillment of all Customer Responsibilities described below.


Customer's obligations with respect to Customer Support are as follows:

i. unless otherwise agreed, will appoint no more than 5 contacts ("Customer Authorized Support Contacts") to engage Customer Support for questions and technical issues.

ii. Only Customer Authorized Support Contacts will contact Customer Support.

iii. Customer will train all Customer Authorized Support Contacts on the use and administration of the Software including ensuring Customer Authorized Support Contacts have reviewed applicable Documentation prior to engaging Customer Support.

iv. Customer will provide information requested by Customer Support as required to process Customer support requests and to address Customer issues.

5. EXCLUSIONS will have no obligation of any kind to provide Support for issues caused by or arising out of any of the following: (i) modifications to the Software not made by; (ii) use of the Software other than as authorized in the MSA or as provided in the Documentation; (iii) damage to the machine on which the Software is installed; (iv) versions of the Software other than the Supported Version as defined in applicable Documentation and/or lifecycle policies available on ; (v) third-party products not expressly supported by and described in the Documentation; or (vi) conflicts related to replacing or installing hardware, drivers, and software that are not expressly supported by and described in the Documentation.



i. "Available" means that the Software can be accessed by Users.

ii. "Excused Downtime" means: (a) Maintenance Time of up to two hours per month; and (b) any time the Software is not Available due to circumstances beyond's control, including modifications of the Software by any person other than or a person acting at's direction, a force majeure event, general Internet outages, failure of Customer's infrastructure or connectivity (including direct connectivity and virtual private network ("VPN") connectivity to the Software), computer and telecommunications failures and delays, and network intrusions or denial-of-service or other criminal attacks.

iii. "Infrastructure Modification" means any repairs, maintenance, improvements, or changes to the cloud infrastructure used by to operate and deliver the Software.

iv. "Maintenance Time" means the time the Software is not Available due to an Infrastructure Modifications.

v. "Availability SLA" means that the production instances of the Software will be Available at least 99.5% of the time during a calendar month, excluding Excused Downtime.

vi. "Availability SLA Credit"


% Credit - 2 Consecutive Calendar Months

98.0% - 99.5%


96.5% to 98.0%


95.0% to 96.5%


< 95%



Scheduled maintenance for updates will not apply to the uptime commitment referenced above. will notify Customer of the scheduled maintenance at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance. will notify Customer of scheduled changes not related to maintenance at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance. Emergency changes may occur at any time prudent for the protection of data or to ensure system availability. Should an emergency change take place, a notification will follow as quickly as practical. will coordinate all scheduled routine maintenance in accordance with the Eastern Time Zone.

If Customer's production instances of the Software fall below the Availability SLA during two consecutive calendar months of their term, Customer's exclusive remedy for failure of the Software to meet the Availability SLA is to request that issue a service credit to Customer for the dollar value corresponding to the percentage of fees charges to Customer for Customer's use of the affected Software (as indicated in the table above), which Customer may request apply any credits to Customer's next invoice for Subscription renewal fees.


Customer must request all service credits in writing to within 30 days of the end of the second month in which the Availability SLA was not met, identifying the support requests relating to the period Customer's production instances of the Software was not Available. The service credits have no cash value and may not be applied to any outstanding Customer invoices or fees due at the time of Customer's request.

4. NOTICE. will give Customer 10 days' prior notice of an Infrastructure Modification if, in its reasonable judgment, believes that the Infrastructure Modification will impact Customer's use of its production instances of the Software, unless, in the reasonable judgment of, the Infrastructure Modification is necessary to: (a) maintain the availability, security, or performance of the Software; (b) comply with applicable law; or (c) avoid infringement or misappropriation of third-party intellectual property rights.


If applicable to the Subscription, changes to devices or infrastructure requested by the Customer will be handled per the following response times unless otherwise agreed. All timeframes are from confirmation by of receipt of a change request by email from Customer, or receipt of an order, as applicable:

• New device onboarding: 10 business day from Order

• Device replacement with device shipped by Client: 10 business days from Order

• Device replacement with device purchased by Supplier: 10 business days from Order

• Installation of IoT (e.g., special router, point of sale): 10 business days from Order and maximum 10 days upon receipt of the IoT form

• New OS upgrade: 2 business days

• Device error stage recovery: 4 business hours

• New version system upgrade: 1 business day

• System new hardware change (add storage, add new device host machine): 5 business days

• Adding additional mobile device/s to an existing cloud with the latest OS - 5 business days.

• Adding additional mobile device/s to an existing cloud NOT the latest OS/Specific OS version - Up to 10 business days. (Limitation: we cannot guarantee finding the exact version the customer requests).

• Replacing a device in an existing cloud: Latest OS: Up to 5 business days. NOT the latest OS/Specific OS version - Up to 10 business days. (Limitation: we cannot guarantee finding the exact version the customer request.

• Fixing a mobile device bloated battery: Up to 7 business days.

Last Updated: October 19, 2022