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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Mar 18, 2015 — DevOps Expert

10 Reasons to Manage Your Releases With XL Release v.4.5


With the release of XebiaLabs' new version of XL Release, I thought it would be a good time to review some of the reasons you might like to use XL Release, instead of using something like spread sheets to manage your release process.

Free yourself from the pain of releases managed by spread sheets.  Many of organizations struggle to manage their release with spread sheets.  Someone needs to sync the changes that various groups provide on their steps.  New versions need to be emailed to everyone responsible for the release for each change.  

Document your current release process.  Capturing your release process in XL Release can be an eye opening experience all by itself.  We have several customers who commented after implementing XL Release, that there were many steps to their release process that they were not aware of.

 Helps you adopt a Continuous Delivery process without massive change.  Because you don't need to automate your entire release pipeline to use XL Release you can start off by simply capturing your existing manual process in XL Release, and then decide what makes the most sense to automate.  Easily identify aspects of your release process that require improvement.  Due to the data on timing, team members involved and comments you can collect a wealth of data to help you improve your existing release process.  XL Release can be a key part in helping you focus your efforts to improve your release process.  Reports that provide data to help you make the best decisions at all times.  XL Release comes with some standard reports that can help you analyze the results of your deployments.  Analyzing the results may provide ideas for change.  Encourage collaboration within and between teams.  XL Release can leverage your exiting collaboration platforms and provides new team and individual views into your release process to help team members work together more efficiently.  Stop managing release checklists and start managing the holistic release process.  Just trying to track all of the teams, the timing and steps that everyone needs to execute for a successful release can feel like trying to walk through a forest.  XL Release lets you take a step back and manage the release process without getting caught up in the individual steps and teams.  Everyone will be able to identify steps and when they are done by who.  Open architecture lets you integrate with all of your favorite tools.  All of XebiaLabs' tools integrate well with other tools.  Other tools can easily integrate with XL Release as well.  You don't want to get tied down with a tool that does not let you get to where you need to be.  XL Release lets you connect the tools that make sense for your business  Community developed extensions.  There are growing number of plugins in our community repositories on github.  You can contribute or just take advantage of the work that others have done.

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