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All About That Base - IT Analytics for Retail

This post is from the Numerify blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated May 12, 2015 — AI-Powered Analytics expert

All About That Base - IT Analytics for Retail

AI-Powered Analytics

I remember watching the television series "Lost," and every time a character asked a question about what was going on in the Island, the answer was always the same: "The more Answers you get, the more Questions you will have…" Then, I recall a meeting with one of my customers, a large retailer, and presenting our latest and greatest reports. Their reaction: "Great, I love how these reports can answer my business questions… they provide me with great insight. In fact, can I see more? How about this? How about that?" Sounds familiar? But that was 10 years ago.... And over the past decade, retailers have mastered the concept of analytics - Having created the most sophisticated data warehouses and developed some of the industry's most advanced BI Projects in order to tackle their unique requirements, such as:

  • Separate Fiscal and Regular Calendars (ex. 4-4-5). This is particularly important as impacts merchandising inventory, pricing, etc.
  • Custom Regional Alignments for different geographical breakdowns.
  • Seasonal Trends
  • and the list goes on...

And that's a LOT of work. It takes several months and resources to just create and populate a Data Warehouse.... And after that, you still have to build your reports and metrics within your Business Intelligence (BI) tool. But why spend all that time? Couldn't you just query the source system? Well, not really. Deep analytical questions like the ones listed above require different data structures, something called a "Dimensional Model". And that's KEY to a powerful Analytics Solution. But what about IT Analytics? Your Service Desk metrics? Call center? ServiceNow is taking the IT World by storm and is revolutionizing the way companies handle their IT service operations in the Cloud. But with that, comes the question: How do I report on that data and combine it with my unique Retail needs and answer some of my most burning questions?

  • What is my Total Incident Trend over the same Period of the Last Fiscal Year?
  • How's my backlog this Mother's day compared Last Year's? Am trending up, down?
  • What is the impact of First Call Resolution Rate and MTTR against my Call Center training and tenure?
  • How can I see SLAs combined with my Tasks?
  • What about all Service Catalog Items that were not reported this Fiscal Quarter?
  • Were Reassignments the real cause for my Record SLA Miss last spring? If so, how can I correct it?

These are just some of the deep analytical insights Numerify dares to provide. By extracting the data from ServiceNow into a well-designed Data Warehouse and combining datasets from other sources (Call Center, Finance, HR, etc.), this cloud-based solution provides IT users with an easy-to-use interface loaded with pre-packaged Reports and Dashboards along with a flexible Visual Data Discovery Module so they can answer their burning questions on-the-fly, without having to spend months and months building and maintaining an expensive solution on their own. Also taking the IT Analytics world by Storm, Numerify has already been selected by some Industry Leading Companies for their IT Analytics, such as REI, Netflix, USF, UCSF, Rambus, Gogo Air, etc. Congratulations, you have taken your IT Operations to the 21st century, by choosing a cloud-based solution like ServiceNow! Shouldn't you now do the same with your IT Analytical Solution with Change Risk Prediction (formerly Numerify)? [Image credit: Unsplash.]

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