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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Nov 17, 2010 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

ApacheCon NA 2010 Wrap Up

Enterprise Agile Planning

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In honor of Codesion joining CollabNet, I thought I’d poke my head in over here, and hopefully you’ll see me as a more regular staple.

l had the chance to attend ApacheCon this year—”ApacheCon NA,” as it’s now called. The Apache community has become huge! Nearly 100 top-level projects (and all stored in a single Subversion repository!).


> svn ls | wc -l


Like any Con, there were more interesting presentations and panels than time, and you felt like you needed to team up with four or five friends, to divide the tracks out fairly and trade notes later. There was a lot of talk about breaking the Con up into sub-groups, to provide more depth in more-focused areas; maybe next year.

The hot topic area this year was the cluster of advanced data projects: Hadoop, Hbase, Lucene, Solr, CouchDB, Cassandra. It’s kind of funny, actually: I distinctly recall database vendors of the 1990’s moaning that there were no worlds left to conquer, nothing left to invent, once they’d all gone “object-relational.” I guess someone got tired of waiting for them! At CollabNet, we’re looking at technologies like these for core-product search, and data-center analytics—precisely because the scale of our business has outgrown reasonable solution by relational, object-relational, or relational data warehousing techniques. So I was taking a lot of notes!

As for Subversion: after setting a world land speed record for passing through the Apache project Incubator, it’s now become the presumed foundation of Apache (question: how do you figure out how many Apache projects there are? answer: “svn ls”!). As we noted a  year ago, Subversion was conceived and run from the get-go in the Apache style, and so it’s no surprise that it’s nestled down in to the heart of the community. Every time I introduced myself, I seemed to get the response “CollabNet? Oh, yeah — Subversion!”

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