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Last Updated Nov 20, 2017 — DevOps Expert

DevOps for Financial Services - KeyBank's Story



Financial Services organizations that want to move to DevOps balance the need for speed with rapidly shifting compliance requirements. KeyBank, one of the top 15 banks in the US, faced additional challenges, including a complex system resulting from multiple acquisitions and the pressure to launch a new consumer online banking application on an accelerated schedule.

Mobile Banking and Financial Services In a recent presentation at the Gartner Symposium in Orlando, Florida, Chris McFee, Director of DevOps for KeyBank, discussed the cultural and process obstacles to transforming their delivery system, such as siloed Development, Security, and Operations teams, and too much technical debt. He also covered technical obstacles, including an overly complex delivery architecture that slowed their online banking system.

Understanding the Software Value Chain

Chris described how he, along with others inside KeyBank, took time to understand their software delivery value chain before changing it. This work included seeking advice from DevOps experts such as Gene Kim and John Willis, who put them in touch with other major organizations that had undergone their own DevOps transformations.

Great Resource: The DevOps Handbook

In chapter's 5 and 6 of The DevOps Handbook, Gene Kim et al. talk extensively about the importance of understanding how value is delivered to the customer and provide guidance on how to get started. Also check out our on-demand webinar: Behind the Book: Gene Kim’s Top Takeaways from Researching and Writing The DevOps Handbook.

Implementing the New Process

When the time came to implement a new delivery process, KeyBank focused on three major areas, including:

  • Using containers to move applications across environments in an automated way
  • Increasing automated testing to ensure quality remained high as they increased velocity
  • Implementing a Continuous Delivery pipeline to automate the entire process

In the end, KeyBank successfully transformed their siloed, complex delivery process into a scalable, efficient Continuous Delivery pipeline that combines speed and agility with fine-grained control. If you work in IT for Financial Services, this is a presentation you don't want to miss! You can watch the video of the presentation here.” [caption id="attachment_17175" align="aligncenter" width="638"]KeyBank Presentation: The DevOps Abides and Two Banks Merge Hear Chris McFee, Director of DevOps for KeyBank, discuss his organization's DevOps transformation at the Gartner Symposium Orlando, 2017[/caption]

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