Update: As of July 2, 2023

Digital.ai Continuous Testing now supports iOS 17 Beta testing on real iOS devices. This covers devices in on-premises, SaaS, and hybrid deployments. This will allow developers and testing teams to get a head start on their mobile app testing ahead of the presumed fall release of iOS 17.


Digital.ai Continuous Testing, once again, is the first to support a new operating system version. iOS 17 (Beta) has been released – Discover the new features and see how it works with a demo below.

Digital.ai is proud to announce that, once again, our Continuous Testing solution offers support for new iOS 17 simulators. IOS 17 (beta) was released June 5 during the WWDC, and thanks to the round-the-clock efforts of our iOS team, we are ready to support native app and mobile browser testing on this new operating system.

Our customers will be pleased to note that they can test their apps on iOS 17 Simulators as soon as they are ready.

We have always had a great deal of pride in our iOS (and Android when there is a new release) teams who work diligently and with purpose to ensure that app testing on new OSs is available as soon as the beta versions are released.

Support for iOS 17 (beta) Simulators includes the following capabilities:

iOS 17 Overview

The new OS version is focused on enhancing the daily lives of users. With new capabilities that improve messaging and content sharing, Apple is looking to help people do more with their iPhones

Here are some of the key features:

  • Phone: Create a personalized contact poster that is used as part of a user’s contact card.
    • Live Voicemail: View a real-time transcription of a message as they are speaking. Users can even pick up the call as long as the person is still on the line. Calls identified as spam will be declined instantly.
  • Messages
    • Check-In: Notifies people you select when you arrive at your destination.
  • Audio Transcriptions: voice notes are now transcribed so you can read them and listen whenever.
  • FaceTime: Record a message (video or audio) when someone misses your call.
    • Use FaceTime on your Apple TV with your iPhone acting as the camera.
  • StandBy: Gives you easily viewed information from a distance. Use your iPhone as a bedside clock, and use the Smart Stacks widget to get the information you need when you need it.
  • Journal: Reflect on and relive important moments. Capture your thoughts and add photos, music, and audio to any post.
    • Suggestions – Using machine learning techniques, your iPhone will suggest topics to write about based on your daily life.
  • Interactive Widgets: Users can interact with widgets from their Home Screen, Lock Screen, or in StandBy, and use it to complete more tasks.


Below is the Digital.ai Continuous Testing cloud interface, showing a real iOS device available for manual interaction and automation capabilities.

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