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The DevOps Value Stream Delivery solution for SAFe combines industry-leading enterprise agile planning, DevOps, and next-generation AI-driven analytics and metrics. Read this blog to see how organizations can scale Agile and DevOps and deliver features faster and more reliably.


The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is the world’s leading framework for scaling business agility. SAFe offers lean-agile principles, practices, and guidance needed to deliver more value to customers on a predictable basis. However, many enterprises fail to achieve the full benefits of SAFe because of siloed data, people, and tools. Moreover, organizations still manage work in SAFe with the project model—a method developed over 50 years ago when markets moved slower and high uncertainty had less impact on success.

According to the Boston Consulting Group, “70% of digital transformations fall short of their objectives, often with profound consequences.” SAFe dramatically improves the odds of a successful digital transformation, especially when shifting from managing projects to guiding a steady flow of work to stable teams within a value stream.

Value stream management helps organizations realize the business impact of software development and delivery improvements. By gaining visibility across teams, tools, and processes, organizations can measure value in meaningful terms like product quality, customer satisfaction and retention, application security and usage, execution efficiency, revenue, and growth.

Together, SAFe and value stream management helps your organization deliver greater value to your customers and achieve amazing business outcomes. To better understand how, we will take into consideration the three important questions below.

How do SAFe and value streams relate?

Development value streams are the primary organizational model in SAFe. They are a sequence of activities that are needed to convert a business hypothesis into a digital solution. A SAFe portfolio is comprised of them, each dedicated to building and supporting a set of solutions.

By their very nature, projects are temporary endeavors that focus on completing tasks (outputs) instead of delivering value (business outcomes). In contrast, SAFe advocates organizing people in value streams and Agile Release Trains (ARTs), designed to foster persistent agile teams. These ARTs dedicate themselves to relentlessly improving their ability to provide customer value faster and with higher quality.

SAFe helps organizations of all sizes worldwide increase their business agility and improve business outcomes. Business agility is the ability to thrive in the digital era by promptly responding to market opportunities with digitally enabled business solutions. SAFe has produced dramatic improvements in time to market, employee engagement, higher quality, higher customer satisfaction, and overall improved economic outcomes. It also helps create cultures that are more productive, rewarding, and even fun.

According to Gartner, SAFe improves the management of complex development challenges, including distributed work. Companies that demonstrate success with SAFe focus on delivering outcomes over outputs–shifting an organization’s focus from simply developing features to achieving business goals.

How can I improve the chance of transformation success?

Gaining the extraordinary benefits of SAFe is not easy, but can help you along the journey. Introducing DevOps Value Stream Delivery for SAFe, a solution that combines the best-of-breed tools, technologies, and partners that enable breakthrough innovation, efficiency, and growth at unprecedented speed and scale.

By delivering the first complete value stream delivery solution for SAFe, offers existing SAFe users everything needed to improve your transformation success. The road to transformation can be arduous. Oftentimes, organizations find themselves doing too much too fast. The information overload of new processes, procedures, and practices can lead to analysis paralysis, and subsequently lose momentum in an organization’s transformation.

With pre-defined SAFe metrics and artificial intelligence (AI) powered analytics, helps prevent these issues across the value stream, which helps developers become more efficient. Our solution can help your organization meet its goals by leveraging your existing technology and tools–or you can adopt our market-leading solutions for enterprise agile planning and portfolio management, DevOps, application security, and continuous testing. In the end, you can achieve improved software delivery efficiency and reliability, better organizational performance, and increased visibility as to predictably benefit customers.

What’s different about DevOps Value Stream Delivery for SAFe is a solution built on an integrated platform that helps organizations align strategy with execution by enabling organizations to scale agile practices from teams to beyond. By aligning goals, execution, and outcomes, teams can deliver maximum impact and optimize ROI.

Whether you are just starting out–or have struggled as you’ve begun implementation– DevOps Value Stream Delivery for SAFe delivers world-class, comprehensive support for SAFe in one scalable end-to-end solution.

Our solution offers the following integrated capabilities of the platform, making it stand out from all the others.

  1. Enterprise Agile Planning: Enterprise business agility rests on agile planning that scales and has the flexibility needed to meet the needs of customers and the market. Agility connects business strategy with team execution, providing a unified view at all levels, from the portfolio to teams. It helps everyone from executives to developers collaborate, communicate, and gain visibility within a single environment.
  2. Software Delivery Release Orchestration: Release is the market-leading release management and orchestration solution that enables teams across an organization—from development to production—to collaborate for software delivery success. The solution helps you manage the increasing complexity of your software delivery processes by easily integrating with your existing DevOps tools and then modeling your end-to-end processes. It enables you to accelerate delivery and reduce risk using automation that maps and standardizes your release processes. With a complete, end-to-end view, you can pinpoint and address inefficiencies to drive real, impactful transformation. Should we mention anything about Deploy here?
  3. AI-Driven Analytics for the Entire Value Stream: Analytic Lenses brings your entire value stream data together into one data lake. AI-driven feedback helps your organization move forward by improving agility and collaboration across portfolios, gaining visibility across silos, and measuring business outcomes while correlating them to outputs. Leverage panoramic AI-driven analytical lenses and out-of-the-box SAFe and agile metrics to make data-driven decisions, deliver better software faster and improve customer outcomes.


Ultimately, DevOps Value Stream Delivery for SAFe helps teams identify bottlenecks early and make data-driven decisions with the assistance of prebuilt scaled agile metrics and measures. fully supports SAFe in a single, fully integrated environment optimized for remote teams from the team to the portfolio level. You made a good call choosing SAFe–now let’s get you over the finish line with the tools you need to succeed.

For information on how to get started, check out these links on Value Stream Delivery for SAFe and the Scaled Agile Framework.

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