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SAFe & Value Stream Management:

A discussion with Dean Leffingwell and Richard Knaster

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The DevOps Value Stream Delivery for SAFe® solution provides everything you need for your SAFe® initiatives to succeed. Our combination of industry-leading enterprise agile planning, seamless end-to-end DevOps connectivity, and unrivaled visibility through AI-driven analytics helps you increase collaboration, continuously improve best practices, and make data-driven decisions throughout your organization.

The only end-to-end solution that uses AI-driven intelligence to achieve more from SAFe® initiatives.

Improve business agility

Simplify adoption of scalable agile practices across the entire organization to achieve business goals across all levels

Accelerate delivery and reduce risk

Use best practices across the organization to build a fully connected, end-to-end Agile and DevOps process

Relentlessly improve outcomes

Leverage out-of-the-box SAFe® and agile metrics to make data-driven decisions, deliver better software faster, and improve customer outcomes

Improve business agility

Improve business agility

  • Streamline planning practices using a single-pane-of-glass view
  • Accelerate issue resolution with prebuilt team and portfolio visualizations
  • Improve productivity by ranking of backlog items based on business value
  • Simplify SAFe® adoption with out-of-the-box support 
  • Increase communication with contextual collaboration at all levels
Accelerate delivery and reduce risk

Accelerate delivery and reduce risk

  • Extend visibility from Agile to DevOps by tracking features, epics, and stories from planning to production
  • Increase software delivery speed and reliability through the end-to-end automation of manual processes
  • Drive technology improvements and deploy to any environment from on premises to cloud, mainframe to Kubernetes
  • Extend collaboration across the business – Development, Marketing, Operations, and more
Relentlessly improve outcomes

Relentlessly improve outcomes

  • Achieve faster time to value using AI-driven analytics
  • Improve strategic planning and collaboration with real-time built-in views that keep stakeholders up to date with plans and priorities
  • Make better, data-driven decisions using out-of-the-box SAFe®, agile, and DORA metrics
  • Increase release predictability, eliminate bottlenecks and improve processes using real-time tracking and visibility has been named a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning Tools. Platform features

Enterprise agile planning

Strategize to develop and deliver software faster

Software delivery

Release orchestration and deployment automation

AI-powered analytics

Insights to accelerate innovation and drive efficiency

Enterprise-size problems require enterprise-grade solutions

Improve productivity, deliver better software faster, and increase the business value provided to customers. The DevOps Value Stream Delivery for SAFe® solution brings together scalable enterprise agile planning as part of an end-to-end AI-driven platform that aligns product delivery with market requirements, improves software delivery efficiency, and drives continuous improvement. announces first end-to-end, AI-driven solution for the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®)
Blog announces first end-to-end, AI-driven solution for the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®)

The DevOps Value Stream Delivery for SAFe®, one of the only solutions that uses AI-driven analytics to provide real-time insights to help users achieve their business goals and improve organizational performance, debuts today at the 2021 Global SAFe® Summit.

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