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When it comes to a digital transformation and accelerating IT performance, it really boils down to the bigger picture – WHY are you doing this? WHY do you want to build a responsive enterprise? WHY is being a responsive enterprise required especially in these days of global struggle?

In an effort to explore this big picture, we recently hosted a webinar with, which you can view here. Let’s dive into the main themes and takeaways.

Responsive enterprises achieve desired business outcomes

There are three important pillars that companies need to focus on in order to drive IT performance and build a responsive enterprise:

  1. Quality-first thinking
  2. Connected pipelines
  3. Repeatability and consumption

IT and development teams have most of their focus on the IT landscape. This is critical, but what is more important is the role of the IT landscape in the bigger picture. From an enterprise agility perspective, WHY is a change needed inside the company? Company culture? Disciplines and the way things are done? How people work together?

  • Customer collaboration – This depends on the involvement of the customer. This is important because if you want to be able to respond quickly to changes in the market, you must know the immediate needs inside of that changing market.
  • Organizational simplicity – If you want to accelerate your digital transformation, look for modern ways to do things that enable each of your teams, from HR to development, to simplify their processes and align to the actual goals of the organization.
  • Data-driven experiments – Data helps everyone to make better decisions, faster.

Lean: A powerful instrument for organizational simplicity

  • Lean products and processes – Your product and customer fulfillment processes need to be assessed and simplified first before working on the IT landscape. Get rid of the bells and whistles in order to fulfill customer needs with lighter IT processes.
  • IT landscape simplicity – Once your products and processes are Lean, then shift your focus to your IT landscape. Simplicity is key because the lighter you are, the faster you can go, and the much better you are able to respond to change when needed. This can take some time – as Lean is truly implemented across the IT landscape, many layers of processes could potentially be removed.
  • Value Stream Management (VSM) – What is the entire end-to-end process that is creating the software that matters to your customer? If you understand the value stream, you can start to focus on removing bottlenecks, automating one step at a time to ultimately speed up your timelines, and reducing time from idea to production. With VSM, you are also generating a lot of data which furthers optimization.

When you apply Lean principles, you accelerate your digital transformation.

Elite IT performance is foundational to agility

According to data from the DORA report: Accelerate: State of DevOps 2019, high performers differentiate from low performers in the following areas:

What are the ideal practices that underpin these numbers?

  • Automation – the flow of activities and of work that has to happen to go from idea to production. Elite performers have 4x more automation in their deployment to production stages. If you want to accelerate, expanding automation through production will clearly help tremendously.
  • Monitoring – Do you know how well the application is behaving in production? Observability and tracing are helpful, but are usually done from a technical perspective. In order to be useful, data-driven decision making needs from the higher, enterprise-goal level must also be based on data from production.

So, how can you embrace technology to go even further?

Technologies to look out for

Cloud adoption brings new concerns. What is the most suitable cloud to utilize in your organization? The majority of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy, and the biggest challenges over the past decade remain the same: managing cloud spend, governance, security, and compliance.

Are you ready to scale your enterprise?