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This post is from the Arxan blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Aug 13, 2018 — Application Security expert

Don’t settle for cobbled together application protection

Application Security

Truly comprehensive security should come from a single provider

According to Gartner, “by 2021 more than half of enterprises that use application shielding will do so via a single, multi-channel application protection platform.”1

Application protection is somewhat like cooking. If you start with quality ingredients and put them together just right, the end result can be magic. But even if you start with the best ingredients, yet fail in the execution, the finished product may be unappetizing. Unfortunately, poorly executed application security results in more than a dissatisfied palate — it can be disastrous for your brand, your bottom line and your customers.

A recent announcement about a collaboration between two application security providers would lead many to believe that simply mixing two separate solutions together produces a single comprehensive solution. The idea of combining two less robust offerings together to fill gaps in feature functionality seems like a good idea in theory. The reality is that different solutions, created by separate development teams jammed together in one application, don’t make for a seamless experience — let alone sufficient protection.

Arxan Application Protection secures mobile, JavaScript, desktop and server apps against reverse engineering and tampering — and provides white-box cryptography to protect and encrypt keys to those applications. Built by one team with a singular goal in mind, our solutions are not only easy to integrate, but offer a superior customer experience. And as the only solution to include real-time threat data, Arxan Application Protection alerts you when your app is under attack so you can optimize your response before threats become widespread.

Rather than settle for a cobbled together application protection solution that may cause you heartburn in the long run, find out out how Arxan can help you close the application security loop — no matter what platform or language you need protected.

1Gartner Inc. "Market Guide for Application Shielding" Dionisio Zumerle and Manjunath Bhat, June 27 2018.

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