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Last Updated Jun 05, 2020 — Application Security expert

In Plain Sight II: On the Trail of Magecart

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On the surface, the breaches that impacted British Airways, Ticketmaster and Forbes seem like any other cyberattack: a bad actor finds a security hole and exploits it. And while the headlines may not appear unique, the fact that Magecart style attacks continue to succeed at breaching the websites of global companies without being detected is costing millions of dollars in fraudulent credit card charges and government penalties.

New research conducted by advisory firm Aite Group revealed that 100% of the eCommerce  websites examined were not protected — making them easy prey for Magecart attacks. Even more startling is the fact that it took only 2.5 hours of research to uncover the 80 compromised sites. Among the other notable findings:

  • All of the compromised websites use an outdated version of Magento which is vulnerable to formjacking and digital card skimming
  • None of the websites used appropriate in-app protection capabilities such as code obfuscation and tamper detection
  • 25% of the sites were large brands in motorsports and luxury retail

Download the full report to learn more about the methods and techniques Magecart groups use to conduct digital card skimming and formjacking, and the security measures you can deploy to protect your website and your customers.


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