By Steven Friedman, Product Manager is pleased to announce a new way to help protect iOS applications! We already have a strong protection solution that integrates into the Xcode build system, but now we will offer an entirely post-build protection that makes it easier to integrate protections into a DevSecOps pipeline and configure those protections.

This new capability from lets us provide an iOS Application security product that does not depend on embedded bitcode and does not require integration into the build system. The deprecation and impending removal of embedded bitcode have been known for some time, and we’ve been working on a new post-build solution since well before the removal as part of Xcode 15. The beta version of this protection is available now. This means you can protect fully compiled applications locally and with a single command without uploading them to a third-party service. Protections can be applied directly to an application using compiled languages and frameworks, including Objective-C, Swift, Flutter, MAUI, and Unity.

We are leveraging our industry-leading expertise in Application Protection for Desktop and Server in addition to our capability in mobile application protection to develop this new capability rapidly. ARM protection will support obfuscation, run-time active protections, and application monitoring, which protect against threats such as:

  • Reverse Engineering
  • IP and Data Theft
  • Security Bypasses
  • Malicious Code Injection
  • Video Game Cheating
  • Malware Injection
  • Application Cloning

The beta release for ARM Protection is available for select customers today, and the General Availability release is anticipated before the end of Q3.


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