Application Security for Web

Protect the web apps you create. Monitor those apps to discover attacks. Automatically react to app attacks.


Obfuscation, threat monitoring, and runtime application self-protection for web apps written in just about every language for just about every browser


Shift Left to protect apps 

  • Build Secure Software as part of web app dev process 
  • Protect web apps from reverse engineering 
  • Detect attempts to tamper with or alter web apps


Provide visibility into web apps that are under attack 

  • See attacks and  attempts to put web apps in compromised environments 
  • Stand-alone dashboard with option to integrate with existing Security Operations Center tools 
  • Real time alerts plus searchable logs


Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) 

  • Automatically react to attacks on web apps  
  • Customize reactions to attacks in order to alter specific web application capabilities  
  • Configure automatic shutdown of web apps upon tamper detection 

React Application Security for Web tech specs


  • JavaScript
with additional standard web technologies such as
  • HTML5
  • ASP
  • JSP
  • AJAX
and much more

JavaScript Frameworks

  • Vue.js
  • React
  • Angular
  • jQuery
and much more Application Protection for Web includes a multi-layered approach to protecting web applications – including the industry's first in-app firewall

Protection at the speed of DevOps

Real-time threat detection 

Active protection

Static protection

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