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This post is from the Apperian blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Feb 05, 2014 — App Management expert

Invest in App Lifecycle Management, not "MC-MAM"

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There's a big movement to get away from processed, sugar- and fat-laden foods right now, and we think makes a good comparison to why your company needs full application lifecycle management (ALM). Sure, the foods you find on the menu at a fast food joint are convenient and prepackaged. You don't even have to step out of the car to pay or eat. But is that food helping your body in the long-term? Is it nourishing you or holding you over? That's a question we'd like you to ask about how you approach your mobile application management (MAM®) strategy; are you working with a vendor that helps you and gives you everything your enterprise needs from mobility management? Let's look at the reasoning behind a "whole" ALM approach versus a "drive-thru" packaged approach.

Why We Need to Pay Attention to Our ALM Nutrition

Andrew Borg, the research director for enterprise mobility and collaboration at Aberdeen Group Research, recently wrote a piece for Information Week on why mobile ALM needs a "full life-cycle approach." He writes, "Custom mobile apps, whether developed in-house or outsourced, meet the specific work process and data integration needs unique to each organization for which off-the-shelf apps alone won't suffice." And the growth is there for this to be a major factor for organizations serious about gaining real business value in the form of "transformed processes, improved communication and breaking down information silos." In fact, the number of enterprise mobile apps organizations are developing is "increasing at an average 38% annual growth rate," Borg writes.

ALM Nutrition Standards

With business value as our chief aim, we've adopted a list of nutrition standards from the Aberdeen report - How to Master the Enterprise Mobile App Lifecycle. We'll give your their list and point out some specifics of how we help you achieve maximum nutrition instead of McMAM.

  • Scalable infrastructure for projects of all sizes.
  • Repeatable or pre-built components that can be used across different apps and workflows.
  • Open standards-based, with well-documented APIs for ease of integration.
  • Flexible and adaptive workflows that support a wide selection of front-end developer tools.
  • Back-end data integration with standard adapters for major enterprise software and data systems.
  • Integral identity management, with role-based authorization, end-user authentication with corporate directories.
  • Full-lifecycle app provisioning, control and management.

A Few of the Ways We Ensure ALM Nutrition Developers can use one of our partner platforms to submit a complete app into Apperian with a one-click wizard. Other apps can be uploaded via the web interface.

And all apps are analyzed for the correct packaging. These three steps take a lot of the "processing" and complexity. That's whole, nutritious ALM.

Quality inspections happen here. With Apperian, you can analyze the apps for additives that may affect privacy, promote risky behavior and malware concerns. You can guarantee your enterprise that they are getting the freshest, most secure apps available.

Have it your secure way. Security is a top concern for any enterprise interested in app development and deployment. If your corporate data is compromised, that can add up to big costs and loss of reputation. With Apperian, you can base your mobile app security on existing corporate access policies. The policies are applied directly into the app so you don't have to go through the SDK or modify codes. Policies include encryption, corporate authentication and location masking.

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