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Mobilizers: Use Cases for Hybrid Web Apps

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steveAfter investing significant time, money, and insight to create a corporate intranet, enterprises face additional work to build apps that can reach their mobile employees. Hybrid web apps eliminate hard work by quickly and easily creating apps from existing websites -- the challenge is then deciding which business functions should be enabled by hybrid apps. Others have addressed broader mobile strategy challenges, so let's focus on specific audiences and how they can be empowered by hybrid web apps. Salespeople are almost always in the field and need up-to-the-moment information to drive their customer relationships. In fact, a business prospect can be lost when information known to headquarters isn't available to a salesperson. It might be details about previous contacts within a customer's business, who has been pitched, who is sold on a product, or who is skeptical, and what has been learned about the decision-making processes within the customer's business. When those types of customer information are maintained on a web-based intranet within the salesperson's home office, hybrid web apps can quickly be built to deliver the information to salespeople in the field. Using built-in security controls ensures protection of sensitive customer information even while the salesperson is accessing enterprise apps from within the customer's location. Each channel supporting a salesperson can deliver their value via  hybrid web apps -- marketing may deliver the latest collateral, case studies, competitive content, etc.. Technical support can provide answers to customer questions, and salespeople can share challenge / response scripts to handle difficult customer questions. IT personnel have a different role in the mobile enterprise: they must be able to monitor systems and direct activities wherever they are when a problem occurs, according to As long as the health of internal systems is managed through web resources, they can easily be re-packaged as hybrid web apps. Other needs that may occur in a mobile context include providing access to corporate systems for specific users (use hybrid web apps to access and update governance information), getting details on the current configuration of systems while visiting vendors, and retrieving project status while being queried by an executive in the hallway. Executives must have access to business information regardless of location or time of day. Employees provide roll-up status on projects, business intelligence, curated news reports, and information to support business development and relationship building. Online, web-based dashboards and dynamic web content can easily be delivered as hybrid apps. Every day more companies build deeper relationships with organizations outside their formal business, embracing partners, enabling OEMs, and fostering communities. Web portals designed for those audiences can be re-purposed as hybrid apps to reach mobile users, governed by appropriate controls with app wrapping. In an increasingly mobile world, hybrid web apps let you scale existing web resources to help people where and how they like to work. With the tactical work simplified, you are freed to optimize your business strategies.

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