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My Journey to Numerify

This post is from the Numerify blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Feb 25, 2019 — AI-Powered Analytics expert

My Journey to Numerify

AI-Powered Analytics


Hello, my name is Ben Sapp and I want to share a bit about myself, my background in IT, and why I decided to come to work for Numerify.

I have been working in IT for the past 23 years and have had the opportunity to experience the full spectrum of what a career in IT has to offer. I have worked for small to medium-sized software companies as well as for large enterprise organizations. My background includes experience with software configuration, EDI, help desk, business systems support, application development, data warehousing, BI and analytics, data integration, managed services, infrastructure systems management, innovation leadership, ITSM, CMDB, TCO, SaaS platform support, ITIL process management, M&A integration, and Enterprise Architecture. One of the most rewarding times in my career was the time I spent working with Numerify as the ITSM Director for Cardinal Health.

We were a few years into our ServiceNow implementation, and the data being produced by our ServiceNow transactions was becoming increasingly more mature and robust. We knew the key to improving IT business performance was in the data, but our attempts to use a custom business intelligence approach through tools such as SQL SSRS, Tableau, and Excel were not providing the deep insights that we needed. Also, the demand for data insights had increased exponentially, and we were struggling to keep up with requests through manual ad hoc reporting. Having a background in data warehousing and business intelligence and analytics, I knew there was a better way, because I had seen my business partners in finance, sales, marketing and operations use it for years.

When my team and I first saw Numerify, the potential was obvious, and I knew this solution could provide broader and deeper prebuilt analytics for IT. Below are a few reasons why I decided to change the trajectory of my career and come to work for Numerify.


Throughout my career I had worked with countless vendors, with varying degrees of success. One of the initial things that impressed me most about Numerify was their partnership and relentless focus on customer success. They were the first vendor I had worked with that seemed to be more interested in my success  than their own. Throughout the engagement they became an extension of my team, and rather than just obtaining a great solution, my team expanded in expertise, knowledge and resources to help us be successful. They invited feedback openly, and as they helped my organization improve performance, we helped them improve their product offering. Their spirit of unselfish partnership and their passion for analytics was intoxicating, and I wanted to be a part of it.


I have a natural drive towards innovation and creative endeavors. Through the use of Numerify's solutions, I found an unexpected platform for creativity. I was thrilled with the ability to develop unique and creative ways to measure organizational performance, and the Numerify platform enabled these ideas to become reality. Innovation isn't always a new, complex invention, but rather taking existing, simple concepts and applying them in a new way. Applying the principles of business intelligence and analytics to the business of IT to drive continuous IT business performance improvement is a very simple concept and has been staring the industry in the face for years, but Numerify was the first to see it, and make it a reality. Now, as I begin working for Numerify, I feel as though I have unlimited opportunity to innovate, and I am excited to get started!

Tangible Results

Being in IT, and working in a digital/virtual world, I found it difficult to find satisfaction in my results, due to their intangibility. A carpenter can stand back and look at the house he or she built and appreciate their hard work. They can touch, see and experience their creation. I never got to that level of satisfaction with the type of work I was performing – until I began working with Numerify. Through the use of their platform, I was able to quantify the positive impact that my team was having on organizational performance. My team drove our continuous service improvement strategy solely from the insights we gained using Numerify. We would deploy a process improvement and could measure the exact benefit of that improvement on performance. For the first time in my career, I could measure, touch and articulate the results of the work my team and I were doing. This led to a high level of job satisfaction and greater engagement in my organization.

My role at Numerify is that of a "Data-Whisperer," I have the pleasure of working with Numerify customers to understand their organizational objectives, help them develop outcomes based analytic solutions, and "speak" to the data to have it tell us where the opportunities reside. I look forward to working with our customers and the great work we will do together!

Thank you!

More From Ben

To hear more from Ben, check out his latest webinar.

Service Delivery Friction: The Hidden Reason Your Agile Transformation Isn't Succeeding

In this webinar, Ben shares his experiences as well as the experiences of companies like yours and covers topics such as:

  • Why product-focused agile teams need to be served by agile shared services.
  • Using analytics to identify the top dependencies between agile product teams and shared services.
  • Calculating a "Friction Index" to measure and identify which service requests are impeding team productivity.
  • Accelerating speed to value by reducing service delivery friction.

Watch the Webinar

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