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This platform combines agile planning, software delivery, and end-to-end intelligence to enable large enterprises to innovate and win in today’s digitally-driven markets.

Value Stream Management

In the past several years, enterprise organizations globally have moved forward with their digital transformation efforts. Certainly, in the last 15 months, fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting increase in demand for digitized solutions from customers, many organizations ramped up their digital transformation solutions in order to stay competitive. According to a McKinsey Global Survey of Executives, in some cases, efforts to digitize customer and supply-chain interactions, as well as internal operations, advanced by three to four years during the pandemic. 

We discussed this shift in a recent article on the significance of digital transformation efforts, noting, “The need for collaborative tools and upscaled digital sales/engagement platforms emerged within the span of just a few short weeks. Business leaders who had projected digital transformation strategies that spanned over the course of years found themselves being asked to make things happen (sometimes literally) overnight.”

Despite an increase in digital transformation initiatives, leaders at enterprise organizations report ongoing concerns about the state of their transformation efforts. We’ve released the results of our new Digital Transformation Progress Report, based on a survey of leaders at more than 600 enterprises, revealing the top concerns surrounding digital transformation. The results indicate that enterprises are facing a number of digital transformation challenges that must be addressed. Furthermore, our survey reveals that digital transformation strategies are missing some vital pieces. 

Digital transformation efforts alone are not enough 

We commissioned our new Digital Transformation Progress Survey to gain an understanding of the unique challenges that large enterprises face when undertaking digital transformation initiatives. After surveying 600 senior leaders from business, IT, and security management, we learned that an overwhelming majority (91%) of respondents say they need to get more out of their digital transformation initiatives.

Key findings and top concerns of the survey include the following: 

  • While digital transformation efforts are underway at most organizations, the majority of initiatives are incomplete.
  • Nearly half (49%) of the enterprise leaders say they’re not seeing the expected results from their efforts. 
  • A majority of leaders (54%) are concerned about their ability to meet customer needs and remain competitive in the current digital environment and climate.
  • Organizations are unclear about the ROI of their digital transformation efforts. 
  • Organizations want more visibility into how their software development and delivery processes align with their business objectives. 
  • Organizations report demand for a platform/dashboard that can connect software delivery processes to business objectives and address customer needs. 

The survey also revealed that leaders are aware more visibility and alignment is a necessity to produce better outcomes, yet there appears to be a gap between knowing what they need to do to reach their goals and actually doing what it takes.

Next-generation value stream management 

Implementing both an Agile methodology and DevOps are crucial elements in the challenge to achieve digital transformation at enterprise organizations. But even with those efforts, there’s still a missing vital piece that enables organizations to realize the full benefits of their DX efforts: Value Stream Management. VSM solutions take Agile and DevOps practices to a new level, allowing organizations to align their software efforts with their business objectives in order to deliver customer value. A VSM approach will help organizations achieve the full benefits of digital transformation.

“In today’s fast-paced digital economy, Agile and DevOps are important foundational practices, but they are not enough, Ashok Reddy, CEO at, stated. “To achieve the full benefits of digital transformation and deliver better outcomes faster than the competition, organizations must adopt a value stream center of excellence approach.”

VSM allows companies to align their software efforts with their business objectives in order to deliver customer value. Industry leaders are recognizing VSM as the growing solution for organizations trying to find their digital business transformation solutions to meet the needs of today’s complex systems and environments.

As we stated in a recent article discussing the scaling of Agile, “Effectively, VSM represents the final elimination of organizational silos. By incorporating all aspects of value creation into one (or a few) streams, all teams can finally begin to work in concert towards the same goal of delivering more value to customers and other key stakeholders.”

Acknowledging the benefits of this approach, enterprises are increasingly moving to a VSM strategy. According to a recent Gartner report, “By 2023, 70% of organizations will use value stream management to improve flow in the DevOps pipeline, leading to faster delivery of customer value.”

The Platform is our new next-generation, AI-powered intelligent value stream solution that enables enterprises to orchestrate the delivery of software-driven business outcomes. Designed to enable large enterprises to innovate and win in today’s digitally-driven markets, Platform combines agile planning, software delivery, and end-to-end intelligence. Platform: AI and machine learning-based analytics 

Over 1,200 enterprises around the world have accelerated their digital transformation initiatives and improved the ROI from their software investments with Platform. The platform intelligently automates and optimizes the software development and delivery lifecycle across three layers: Intelligence, Orchestration, and Shared Services. Platform features groundbreaking AI- and machine learning-based analytics and delivers the following capabilities: 

  • End-to-end DevOps lifecycle orchestration, enabling organizations to standardize and automate their entire release process. 
  • Unparalleled visibility into the DevOps value stream as Intelligence-infused Analytics Lenses deliver deep insights into data collected from and third-party solutions. 
  • AI/ML-powered predictive and prescriptive insights that go well beyond traditional business intelligence, offering solutions that allow organizations to shift from being reactive to proactive. 

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