Can you believe that it’s already been three years since the creation of For us, the time has flown by, and we are excited to both reflect on a series of industry milestones from both a platform and a product perspective and celebrate the achievements of our customers and partners!

As we look back, we are proud to applaud another successful year of internal executive leader promotions, highlighting our commitment to nurturing and advancing talent from within.

Firstly,’s former General Manager of Intelligent DevOps, Derek Holt, was promoted to CEO. His company, customer, and industry knowledge are key factors to his success in driving’s growth and innovation this past year.

Additionally, tech industry veterans Wing To and Greg Ellis were appointed as General Manager of Intelligent DevOps (IDO) and General Manager of Application Security, respectively. To’s experience in leading successful product and engineering teams in the software development and delivery space and Ellis’ extensive background in security and business operations – combined with their history at – are signs that the future is extremely bright for our products and platform.

Product innovation is what we love to do here at as we continue to provide new capabilities in each of our products while bringing them together into a unified, AI-powered DevSecOps platform. Our Banff release in October 2022 focused on aligning software investments with intelligence, managing costs, and creating a data-driven release strategy; while our Corbett release in April 2023 highlighted the enhancement of our persona-based analytics, the addition of designated engineers, and an improved Community experience. Across both releases was another common theme: the increased role that data and AI have and will play in the future of software development and delivery. Each aims to accelerate your digital transformation allowing the world’s largest companies to innovate faster, and with confidence.

The Difference

We are astutely aware of common challenges that continue to hinder our customers’ ability to digitally transform. The products, solutions, and services capabilities we release on the AI-Powered DevSecOps Platform each year are designed to help enterprises overcome these challenges:

  • Transitioning Applications to the Cloud: Shifting to the cloud poses challenges of legacy systems, data transfer/integration, app compatibility, security, and compliance.
  • Enabling Innovative Mobile App Development: Developing and deploying mobile applications at scale is complex, involving coordination, resource allocation, rigorous testing, and security.
  • Gaining Visibility into Costs and Process Improvements Across Development and Production: Complex infrastructures, limited analytics capabilities, and inconsistent processes hinder insights into software delivery, cost savings, and process improvements.
  • Powering (and Managing) Generative AI: Managing code created & optimized by generative AI and copilots impacts how enterprise organizations plan, test, secure, and govern the delivery of software.

Our platform harmonizes the delivery of software, unlocking endless digital possibilities. With integrated solutions for agile planning, automated testing, application security, release orchestration, deployment management, and analytics, along with 100s of integrations into 3rd party tools, we help our customers unify, secure, test, release, deploy, and generate predictive insights so enterprises can transition to the cloud, develop quality, mobile applications, and gain visibility into the value their software delivers.

Building Upon Our Momentum… Here’s What’s Next

With AI in our name, customers often ask about how we support and provide AI capabilities, especially given the current hype around Generative AI and Large Language Models. Since our inception, we have consistently delivered AI capabilities to help customers innovate faster, manage costs, and predict risk, and we could not be more excited about the prospects of the recent AI innovation and what it holds for the industry, our business, and our customers.

Our tools, powered by AI, are designed to help you leverage AI to move from traditional, static software delivery to dynamic models that meet the demands of today’s fast-paced economy and large-scale development organizations. Our AI strategy is focused on three main areas:

  1. Governing software created and optimized via generative AI
  2. Utilizing the power of AI to automate software delivery workflows
  3. Managing tradeoffs and decision-making aided by AI

Our AI strategy focuses on combining the strengths of dev teams and AI to enhance cognitive performance, such as learning, problem-solving, and decision-making. Rather than replacing individuals, we provide AI capabilities to govern and leverage this emerging technology with a special focus on the requirements of the enterprise. We are excited for the impact AI will have on the software development industry, and keep an eye out for additional AI features in our upcoming platform launches and product releases!

Grateful for the Support, Excited for the Future

On our third anniversary, we express our gratitude to this team, our customers, and our partners for their invaluable support. The future brings us great excitement and motivation as we continue to work with our customers and the industry to power the next decade of software development and delivery.


The merger of CollabNet VersionOne, XebiaLabs, Arxan, Numerify, and Experitest formed To learn more about the heritage of our company, click here: 

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