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This post is from the Apperian blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Mar 12, 2014 — App Management expert

Why Do I Need Apperian's Enterprise Mobility Solution?

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As enterprise apps are becoming more prevalent and more employees are bringing their own devices to work (in fact Gartner says that 50% of companies will actually require BYOD by 2017), mobile app security risks have proliferated and the demands on IT have increased significantly. Companies need to find ways to navigate through these issues. With Apperian’s enterprise mobility solution, companies can feel confident that they are minimizing risk and complications of their mobile app rollout, while optimizing their investment. The most important areas where Apperian comes into play involve security, IT management, app deployment, and scalability. 


By far the most serious concern when it comes to enterprise mobility management is that of data security including threats such as mobile malware, data leakage, and the need to control access to confidential data within the organization itself. With Apperian, you can protect what matters most: your enterprise mobile apps and your data. Apperian’s enterprise mobility solution leverages techniques such as data encryption, copy/paste protection, corporate authentication, and app-level VPN, which can be enabled on an app-by-app basis through the admin console, with no coding required. The apps themselves are seamlessly wrapped with security and business policy so that they’re protected and managed without being awkward to use -- a process called app wrapping.


Another big complaint when talking about BYOD and enterprise apps is that of complexity. With the dizzying array of devices, operating systems, apps, and app versions that exist, today’s mobile enterprise can quickly become complex, and not all IT teams have the bandwidth to handle it. Apperian’s workflow-based approach enables organizations to manage an application through its entire lifecycle via a simple-to-navigate admin console. Companies can release updates and perform scheduled maintenance, monitor usage and download activity, and manage access and security, all without impacting the employee’s work day and eliminating IT complexity.


Enterprise apps need to not only be distributed efficiently and securely to the employees, but they also need to be used, maximizing ROI. Too often, apps are created after significant effort, only to be abandoned by employees due to lack of interest or difficulty in accessing or using the apps. With Apperian, companies can drive mobile app adoption throughout their enterprise. In fact, customers report mobile app adoption rates exceeding 90% as compared with alternative methods. This is done by providing a customizable enterprise app store which enables employees to browse and download IT-approved apps without hassle, and the company can ensure that the employee only has access to what they need to based on their role. With an enterprise app store, employees have an experience similar to the one they are accustomed to in consumer app stores such as Apple’s App Store and Google Play, while the enterprise is ensuring security behind the scenes. When the employee runs the app, Apperian invisibly creates a VPN to the corporate network and the user is prompted for their corporate username and password. Using scalable cloud-based technology, Apperian enables companies to deploy apps instantaneously to as many users as needed, without requiring intrusive and cumbersome technology or significant hardware investments.


Gone are the days of brochureware apps. Companies today are relying on mobile apps to run entire areas of their business. For example, AppDeveloperMagazine believes that 60-70% of field service functions will be 100% dependent on a mobile app to do their jobs. These types of apps need to be seamlessly integrated with a company’s back-end system in order to function properly. With Apperian, companies can establish a single sign-on experience for employees across the corporate network and app store, using just one set of corporate credentials. In addition, groups established in an enterprise directory can be leveraged within Apperian to assign user roles and control access to specific apps. Let’s face it: companies need their employees to be more productive. With the right enterprise mobility solution, business processes can be streamlined and automated with mobile apps, while employees are able to work more efficiently. According to a recent survey by TechInsights, 36% of IT decision-makers surveyed stated that they had already seen increases in productivity from mobility projects. With Apperian’s platform, all companies can have the tools they need to make this happen.

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