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Last Updated Aug 12, 2020 — Value Stream Management Expert

Why value stream management is a must-have in today's volatile economy

Value Stream Management

In our current environment, every day brings more uncertainty. Organizations across the globe are grappling with business closures, service disruptions, and a distributed workforce. 

What organizations need most is clarity, so they can be laser-focused on driving business results. With an end-to-end view into your product development process, you’ll have the insight your organization needs to understand what is going on at all points and at all times. Value stream management (VSM), an emerging approach to driving value through digital product development, provides this insight, so everyone ⁠— from software engineers to the CEO ⁠— can make better business decisions.

We have been named a leader in the value stream management space in The Forrester Wave™: Value Stream Management Solutions, Q3 2020 report. Recognizing the need for a cohesive, end-to-end value-driven product development ecosystem, the Value Stream Platform provides organizations with comprehensive control of their value creation processes. Using our tools, DevOps teams can tie product development plans to business outcomes, and business leaders can connect the dots between R&D, development, operations, marketing, governance, and other domains.

There has never been a greater time of need for a fully integrated view into the product development lifecycle, backed by AI and analytics. Learn why more organizations than ever are currently using or exploring their options for a value stream management platform, the benefits they receive, and how you can begin your journey, in our upcoming webinar. 

“Why Organizations Should Consider Value Stream Management Now” is produced with contributions by Forrester analyst Chris Condo and our own experts. It will be live streamed on Tuesday, August 18, 2020, from 2 PM – 3 PM (EST). You can register to view the VSM webinar with Forrester live, and the webinar will also be recorded for on-demand viewing later on. 

Why now is the right moment for organizations to adopt a value stream management approach

Value stream management connects people, process, and technology in an unprecedented way. 

The DevOps revolution showed us that interconnected teams operating through predictable and repeatable processes can turbocharge product development. Integrating development and operations enables collaboration, agility, and velocity.

The Value Stream Platform builds on the success of DevOps, integrating not only the entire DevOps toolchain, but also connecting the corporate ecosystem across siloed domains. Value creation and preservation are the primary focus within this integrated system. 

Transitioning to a value focus and an integrated approach allows teams across the enterprise to accurately map their processes, monitor vital data signals, and discover key opportunities. Primary drivers of value are brought to the surface, as are sources of waste or negative value. End-user feedback is incorporated into multiple stages of the process, driving decisions based on what people actually want, not what stakeholders think they want.

Most importantly, organizations learn about how they actually operate by visualizing every little facet of value creation. Combining process mapping with analytics, VSM-integrated toolchains are capable of scrutinizing current practices from 10,000 miles high to the microscopic, ground level. With this information, business and technology leaders can implement optimizations with the precision of a world-class surgeon, alleviating pain points, accelerating value creation, and expanding exponentially upon the strengths that define their brand.

In the current business climate, some organizations may consider these capabilities a "nice to have" worth exploring "once things settle down." In reality, businesses should be focused on accelerating digital transformation initiatives, expanding digital revenue, and prioritizing the creation of customer value – their long-term survival depends on it. 

While this may seem like a dramatically dire interpretation, the reality is that times of great change should force us to consider even greater changes. And value stream management can provide the foundation for those great changes to take root.

Register to view our webinar featuring Forrester analyst Chris Condo

The current volatility we face raises many unanswered questions. We can help your organization answer those questions with precision. 

A secure, unified software development toolchain and an AI/ML platform to extract and then analyze data from it can be your most powerful armament in the fight to regain stability, obtain visibility, and maintain the value your brand is known for.

Our upcoming webinar will answer questions such as:

  • What is value stream management (VSM)?
  • How is VSM different from ITIL, DevOps, or other frameworks?
  • What tools and capabilities are needed to achieve VSM objectives?
  • How does VSM optimize current workflows, like DevOps?
  • What benefits can VSM provide in today's volatile business markets?
  • How does data flow and governance relate to value creation?
  • Why should organizations consider VSM now, and what can they do to start their journey?

Register to view the webinar live, or catch the replay on-demand via our resources library soon after the event concludes. We are excited to speak in conversation with Forrester analyst Chris Condo and show why VSM is the movement for the moment — one that can bring order and a much-needed value focus to your business practices, even amidst all our current chaos.

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