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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Jan 22, 2015 — DevOps Expert

XL Deploy: More Plugins And Counting!


 Xl Deploy LogoAfter recently filling out a new Forrester survey, our amazing product team compiled a list of plugins for XL Deploy that even surprised ourselves. We are supporting an astounding amount of plugins! Agile software at its finest.

Integrations (i.e. communication to XL Deploy)

Ansible – (Community) Bamboo – (Community) Hudson – (Community) Jenkins – (XebiaLabs) Gradle – (Community) Maven – (Community) MSBuild – (Community) Puppet – (Community) Team Foundation Server – (XebiaLabs) Visual Studio – (XebiaLabs)

Plugins (i.e. communication from XL Deploy to other systems)

Amazon EC2 – (XebiaLabs) Amazon S3 – (Community) Apache mod_jk – (Community) Apache mod_loadbalancer – (Community) Apache Tomcat – (XebiaLabs) BizTalk – (XebiaLabs) BYO Change Management Server – (Community) BYO Cloud – (Community) BYO Load Balancer – (Community) CasperJS/PhantomJS – (Community) Cloud Foundry – (Community) Citrix NetScaler – (XebiaLabs) DB2 – (XebiaLabs) Docker – (Community) Elasticsearch – (Community) F5 BIG-IP LTM – (XebiaLabs) File Management – (XebiaLabs) IBM WebSphere Application Server – (XebiaLabs) IBM WebSphere MQ – (XebiaLabs) IBM WebSphere Portal – (XebiaLabs) IBM WebSphere Process Server – (XebiaLabs) IIS – (XebiaLabs) JIRA – (XebiaLabs) Liferay – (Community) LiquiBase – (Community) Manual Actions – (XebiaLabs) Microsoft SharePoint – (Community) Microsoft SSIS/SSRS – (Community) Microsoft SQL Server – (XebiaLabs) MongoDB – (Community) MySQL – (XebiaLabs) node.js – (Community) Oracle DB – (XebiaLabs) Oracle Glassfish – (XebiaLabs) Oracle Service Bus – (XebiaLabs) Oracle Siebel – (XebiaLabs) Oracle SOA – (XebiaLabs) Oracle WebLogic – (XebiaLabs) Post-Deployment Tests – (Community) PostgreSQL – (XebiaLabs) Preconditions – (Community) Red Hat JBoss Application Server Up to 6 – (XebiaLabs) Red Hat JBoss Application Server/WildFly 7 and Up – redhat Red Hat OpenShift – (XebiaLabs) RPMs – (Community) Run Commands – (XebiaLabs) ServiceNow – (XebiaLabs) Tibco Business Works – (Community) Vagrant – (XebiaLabs) VMware vSphere – (XebiaLabs) Webservers – (XebiaLabs) Windows OS – (XebiaLabs)

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