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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Mar 26, 2015 — DevOps Expert

XL Release Template Import/Export Utilities


Recently we had a question from a user who wanted to be able to import and export all of his XL Release templates at the same time. Fortunately we were able to provide them with this small collection of scripts to do just that. The source code is on the XebiaLabs community Gists site. This project consists of three scripts as follows:

Let's see what each utility does. Before we import or export any templates from XL Release we need to get a list of Template IDs in the system. The script will export a list of templates and put them in a file templatesToExport.txt in the same takes several command line options, as follows:
  • --user: The XL Release user name. (default = admin)
  • --password: The XL Release users password (default = admin)
  • --hostname: The host that XL Release is running on (default = localhost)
  • --port: The port XL Release is listening on.  (default = 5516)
  • --protocol: The protocol XL Release is using (http/httops).  (defualt = http)
Once is run, all of the XL Release templates will be listed in the templatesToExport.txt file. At this point you can execute to export all of the templates from the XL Release server to an export directory under the current directory. The command line options for the script are the same as the script. With a group of templates exported from XL Release, they can now be imported into an XL Release instance using the the script. The script takes the same command line parameters as the script above. If you try to import a copy of an existing XL Release template, XL Release will create a "copy" of the template so even if you type to import a template of the same name you will not lose either one. The scripts can be found at xlr-template-import-export-util in the XebiaLabs community Gists site.Important: The code here is sample code only that is not officially supported by XebiaLabs. If you have questions, please contact our support team.

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