Enterprise App Distribution

Enterprise app distribution platforms allow organizations to securely deploy and manage policy-enabled mobile apps through a variety of distribution methods.

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An Enterprise App Distribution platform allows organizations to securely deploy and manage policy-enabled mobile apps through a variety of distribution methods, including direct links to users, a corporate portal, a private app store, or MDM/EMM systems.

Digital.ai App Management

Whether it is one mobile app or many, organizations use Digital.ai App Management to securely distribute any type of enterprise app — custom, off-the-shelf or public — to users via enterprise app store to all mobile users regardless of whether or not they are working with a managed device. The Digital.ai  Enterprise App Store is completely brandable, but also boasts a look-and-feel similar to consumer app stores so that users have a familiar app experience within a branded and controlled context.

Digital.ai App Management provides administrators with a comprehensive set of APIs that make it open and highly extensible. This allows customers and partners to seamlessly integrate with and leverage the platform’s capabilities in order to meet their enterprise app distribution requirements.

Direct link

Using Digital.ai App Management. administrators can provide users with the ability to download apps directly to their device via a link shared in an email, launched from a QR code, or included in other user communications.

Corporate portals

Corporate portals can securely host policy-enabled apps to maximize existing IT infrastructure and investments.

Private app stores

Organizations with a private app store—or those using a third-party app store—can include policy-enabled apps without the need for a separate app store environment.

MDM or EMM systems

Organizations can leverage Digital.ai App Management capabilities while distributing apps through existing mobility tools, such as AirWatch, Blackberry, Good, and IBM Maas360. Unlike MDM-based tools, this allows organizations to use Digital.ai App Management’s extensive policy library or create customized policies for all users on managed or unmanaged devices.