An Enterprise App Store is an HTML or native iOS, Android, or Windows private app catalog for mobile workers in the extended enterprise to discover and download corporate-sanctioned and secured mobile apps. A best-of-breed enterprise app store is custom-branded, solicits feedback and ratings from users, does not require device management, and sits on top of an easy-to-use admin console that secures any app and supports the full app lifecycle.

One way organizations using’s App Management can make apps available to end users is through a custom-brandable enterprise app store. The Enterprise App Store is widely recognized by industry analysts as the leading mobile application management enterprise app store. Powered by a cloud-based platform with the deepest set of security and management capabilities for governance of every stage of the app lifecycle in the industry, the private enterprise app store includes:

  • An easy-to-create branded, native, private app store for custom-built apps, third-party apps, public apps, web clips, hybrid apps, device profiles, and email configuration profiles
  • Previews for app screenshots, descriptions, user feedback, and ratings before installing
  • Role-assignable apps that can be targeted to specific user groups
  • Mandatory actions that force specific apps to be installed
  • Optional connections to an enterprise authentication server to provide SSO (single sign-on) for users