Release orchestration coordinates all of the activities in a pipeline that facilitates the release of an application and the flow of value from code commit to production. Release orchestration ensures all needed steps take place, technical and business stakeholders are alerted when problems occur, and a log is kept of all steps that take place for each release and every release pipeline.

Critical considerations for release orchestration

Release orchestration is a necessity for organizations to realize the benefits of DevOps and continuous delivery. It is a key component of value stream management. Release orchestration enables DevOps teams to sequence the manual work done by people throughout the organization with automated work executed by DevOps tools. Release orchestration provides the governance to ensure that each release follows the needed steps and is compliant with corporate, legal, and security requirements. Release orchestration also provides real-time release status and comprehensive reporting that enables organizations to improve pipeline efficiency based on past release performance. release orchestration Release, formerly XebiaLabs XL Release, is an enterprise-grade release orchestration solution that enables organizations to increase reliability and accelerate the delivery of value to end users. Release manages all of an organization’s release orchestration pipelines, connecting a multitude of applications, environments, teams, and technologies. The right tasks happen at the right time, every time—whether those tasks are done automatically by tools or manually by teams. Release orchestrates the entire software delivery process, providing the backbone for DevSecOps. And it allows teams to model delivery processes in a way that maximizes reliability and reusability.