Release a Release Management Tool for Software Delivery

Automate and orchestrate software releases across complex technology environments Release enables you to eliminate bottlenecks across development processes and automate governance. Teams can release better quality software more frequently and enable the business to deliver reliable customer experiences by leveraging an end-to-end solution that provides intelligence across the full DevOps value stream.

Automate, orchestrate, and govern your release pipelines

Model and visualize even the most complex release processes

  • Model and visualize any release process into a single view for improved management, tracking, and optimization
  • Seamlessly integrate with all of your existing DevOps tools and systems — no need to rip and replace
  • Capture and consolidate all of the data related to your release process so everyone is working from the same information, improving collaboration

Automate processes to reduce errors, improve stability, and accelerate delivery

  • Promote compliance and consistency across the organization, using release templates to model and orchestrate diverse processes and share best practices, without the need for scripting
  • Accelerate delivery, improve stability, and reduce risk using automation that tracks, maps, and standardizes release processes
  • Automatically assess failure and quality risk of releases, so you can quickly identify and remediate risks before they get into production

AI-powered dashboards and reports for complete visibility across your releases

  • Fully customizable dashboards provide a single pane of glass for data from all of your DevOps tools, improving visibility across your applications and environments
  • Comprehensive reports and data analytics provide the insights teams need to pinpoint and address inefficiencies and drive impactful transformation
  • Single-click release audit reports help you quickly prove end-to-end compliance, making IT audits faster, more accurate and less painful


Manage the increasing complexity of software delivery.


Manage, orchestrate, and gain visibility into software delivery pipelines at scale with Release.

Complex pipeline orchestration

Model and orchestrate complex release processes for improved management and optimization

Standardized templates

Templatized release pipelines for compliance and consistency across teams

Release automation

Automate manual tasks to accelerate your delivery process and reduce risk

Out-of-the-box integration

Seamlessly integrate with other DevOps tools for a unified release experience

Dependency management

Manage dependencies within and across multiple releases to increase reliability and stability

Single pane of glass

Provide a single view of release pipelines to improve collaboration across teams

Analytics Lenses

Provide end-to-end release insights for improved efficiency, performance, and reliability

Audit & compliance

Single-click release audit reports help you quickly prove end-to-end compliance

See how customers leverage Release to accelerate software delivery, reduce risk, and increase visibility to drive digital transformation success.

Eliminated hand-offs, gained visibility, and removed bottlenecks using Release:

"Capturing our release procedures in templates means developers can onboard themselves to our standard way of doing things. Release is so intuitive and easy to use that they know it’s their one-stop shop for almost everything that they need."
Amanda Heintz
Release Manager at Schneider
SVB optimized DevOps operations and gained insights into the full delivery process and workload:

"We gained the visibility to show IT management and the business teams the full process and workload involved in releasing applications and updates. This awareness of the process makes communicating and collaborating between the business, operations, and IT teams seamless."
David Engberts
Agile Coach at SVB
Stater successfully implements DevOps with :

"Most importantly, the team has improved their release quality, and the number of post-release production problems has dropped substantially."
Ton Kueter
Manager, IT Development for Stater Release resources Learn more about automating and scaling deployments in your organization

How to Optimize & Accelerate Software Delivery

How to Optimize & Accelerate Software Delivery

Make software delivery smoother despite bumpy technology environments

How to Optimize & Accelerate Software Delivery

How to Optimize & Accelerate Software Delivery

Make software delivery smoother despite bumpy technology environments Release
Product Brief Release

Manage complexity and accelerate delivery speed, while reducing risk and
increasing visibility to drive digital transformation success

HSN DevOps transformation story

HSN DevOps transformation story

HSN walks through their DevOps transformation story

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