Service Management Process Optimization

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The IT Service Management Process Optimization ITSM solution helps organizations go beyond in-app reporting and adopt proven analytics-driven best practices for improved incident, problem, and IT service request management. IT leaders can break down silos across fragmented internal and external teams and make data-driven decisions on how to accelerate IT service delivery.

Advance to faster, smarter, & better IT service management

See how helps IT service management teams improve:

  • Major incidents causing disruptions

  • Overburdened and siloed IT service delivery teams

  • Poor customer experience stemming from slow incident resolution

  • Excessive incident reassignments and escalations

  • Vendor performance tracking and SLA enforcement

  • Inconsistent processes across service providers

Are you ready to deliver next-generation IT services?

IT services and operations leaders must continuously deliver innovative IT service offerings that can enable new business models while managing service costs. However, relying on KPI driven reports embedded in your ITSM system will only tell you how you are doing, not what to do. 

Govern team & vendor processes chart

Govern team and vendor processes

Encourage data-driven transparency among ITSM teams through carefully chosen KPIs that map to organizational objectives.

Service management process Predict and Prevent diagram

Predict and prevent IT service disruptions

Use artificial intelligence and machine learning models to provide an early warning system, highlighting which applications have the highest risk of a major incident. Identify and operationalize opportunities to prevent service impact and improve restoration time.

Service Management Process reduce IT service costs chart

Reduce IT service costs

Leverage process mining and incident reassignment analytics to improve service experience and reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) by identifying ITSM process inefficiencies and shift-left opportunities.

Accelerate IT service delivery chart

Accelerate IT service delivery

Leverage natural language processing-driven topic clustering to identify automation opportunities, monitor trends, intelligently manage problems, and reduce MTTR by prescribing the next-best-action when the probable root cause is known.

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Decrease in overall incident volume

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Annual savings from reduced incidents

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Increase efficiency

  • Improve MTTR and incident resolution efficiency
  • Hold service providers accountable
  • Find and eliminate true incident root cause
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Accelerate agility

  • Proactively identify opportunities for automation
  • Align vendor relationships with strategic objectives
  • Improve collaboration between IT service teams
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Reduce risk

  • Predict and prevent IT service disruptions
  • Identify and fix underperforming and problematic configuration items
  • Rapidly remediate SLA breaches Enterprise solutions circle

Enterprise-size problems require enterprise-grade solutions

AI-powered analytics provide the insights that that improve IT service management, making it faster, smarter, and better. The Platform brings together software lifecycle orchestration targeted AI and software lifecycle orchestration solutions that improve software delivery efficiency, reliability, and business impact.

Achieve fast, secure, reliable deployments to all of your environments.

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Keep your responders productive in a crisis

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AI and ITSM: How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming IT Service Management

AI and ITSM: How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming IT Service Management

What IT service teams need is an approach that addresses unpredictability by leveraging their existing systems and talent. Implementing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies can augment the capabilities of your current IT team, enabling them to accomplish more with a similar resource pool to what they already have. 

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Best practices to reduce incident volume with AI-powered analytics

In this ebook, we review five best practices to reduce incident volume so that your organization can cut costs, accelerate service delivery, and free up resources for innovation, all while delighting employees and stakeholders.

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Drive ITSM process excellence

with the Service Management Process Optimization solution.

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