Make trade-off decisions to stay on track and deliver value by getting transparency into your entire software lifecycle

Product Description

Intelligence is an AI-powered analytics product that solves software delivery problems. It combines data from and third-party products into one data lake, making information easier to find, group, and analyze. Its predictive analytics help you identify risks and trends to deliver reliable digital products on time.


Smart Decisions With Hundreds of AI-Powered Insights and Analytics

Increase Value

Increase Value Stream Transparency

  • Choose from pre-built dashboards with hundreds of augmented analytics
  • Leverage from a comprehensive data model (Data from Agile, CI/CD, DevOps, quality, and operation tools)
  • BYO-KPIs – Bring your own data and KPIs from any data source
Increase Value Stream Transparency

Accelerate Delivery

Accelerate Software Delivery

  • Plan and align application delivery with business units effectively using augmented insights
  • Gain software delivery agility by pinpointing inefficiencies and reducing cycle times
  • Deliver your applications on time using analytics to identify probable roadblocks
Accelerate Software Delivery

Predict risks

Deliver Resilient Applications

  • Reduce business risks by predicting change pitfalls that can affect critical business value streams
  • Re-prioritize your releases based on urgent or unexpected business needs
  • Improve customer experience by learning the probability of issues in application releases
Deliver Resilient Applications


Integrate, Analyze and Predict

Data Foundation

  • Combine data from and third-party products
  • Integrates to Agile, CI/CD, DevOps, ITSM and Observability tools
  • Bring your own data and onboard new data sources
Intelligence Diagram
Software Delivery Lenses

Software Delivery Lenses

  • Domain specific (Flow, DORA Metrics)
  • Persona-based dashboards
  • Current and historical data analysis

Predictive Intelligence

  • Fueled by AI and Machine Learning algorithms
  • Learn the probability of failure from application changes and impact
  • Predict delivery timeframes, risks of changes failure, and possible problems
Predictive Intelligence Diagram

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Predictive Intelligence

Software Delivery Lenses

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