Align application delivery to business strategy and streamline value streams.

Product Description

Intelligence is an enterprise-grade AI-powered analytics product that brings transparency to the entire application development value stream.


Smart Decisions With Hundreds of AI-Powered Insights and Analytics

Increase Value

Increase Value Stream Transparency

  • Choose from pre-built dashboards with hundreds of augmented analytics
  • Leverage from a comprehensive data model (Data from Agile, CI/CD, DevOps, quality, and operation tools)
  • BYO-KPIs – Bring your own data and KPIs from any data source
Increase Value

Accelerate Delivery

Accelerate Software Delivery

  • Plan and align application delivery with business units effectively using augmented insights
  • Gain software delivery agility by pinpointing inefficiencies and reducing cycle times
  • Deliver your applications on time using analytics to identify probable roadblocks
Accelerate Value

Predict risks

Deliver Resilient Applications

  • Reduce business risks by predicting change pitfalls that can affect critical business value streams
  • Re-prioritize your releases based on urgent or unexpected business needs
  • Improve customer experience by learning the probability of issues in application releases
Predict Risks

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