According to IDC’s 2023 DevSecOps Adoption, Tools, and Techniques Survey, developer security knowledge is the top organizational challenge concerning DevSecOps adoption. As the nature of modern applications continues to require rapid updating and significant agility, so does the need for complete, robust security. As such, more organizations in virtually every industry will need application hardening in their application development lifecycle.

Take a deep dive into IDC’s whitepaper to gain valuable insights, including how:

  • Build-time application hardening improves security posture without placing extra burden on developers
  • Tampering protections provide organizations with visibility into potential stacks
  • Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) protects organizations from both known and unknown threats
  • App hardening can be integrated with DevOps processes

The Need for Application Hardening as Part of a Holistic DevSecOps Strategy tablet showing whitepaper

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